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More important than knowing the truth is CORRECTLY understanding it!

…and this bit here is more like a little kind request I would like to make to my fellow ladies.

I much trust the so many qualities we have been given, but more then anything we need to make use of our wisdom at this point. More than 90 per cent of all deities of wisdom have been female throughout the history of humanity. So, we are not short of it at all!!

Therefore please do thoughtfully ponder this fundamental change that is about to be made in the world now as it is NOT a point where we swap the power from men to women.

This is the point when the two powers will be let to work in the way they have been created to work, to work together… for the first time in more than 2,000 years.

Nothing and no one in this world has been created to exist by themselves. We can only CO-EXIST and should do it in love and fair play.

Men have known this, but intentionally or not, partially or totally some of them (sometimes too many) have ignored it throughout the history. We should just learn from their mistake as the only way to avoid to be mistaken ourselves some day.

Be good in every single respect and at all the time, and LOVE!

Lets let ourselves be beautiful and our children will learn how to keep beautiful!

And now to all, all the ladies and gentlemen that sympathise with us… I feel on my own skin the big frustration accumulated throughout these too long years, but we all must refrain from manifesting it by violence of any type, as it is not us who is to judge something or someone in this world.

Apart of that any type of violence could only add more bitter to already so much saddened hearts of our loving Mother and Her beautiful Son.

So all I would say is that in case some of you would like to gather together and share this bitter-sweet frustration with other sisters and brothers, please do not forget to take some flowers with you!
…as many flowers as possible, of all kinds and colours as this is how we are… EACH IN EVERY WAY AND COLOUR, YET EACH OF US BEAUTIFUL IN OUR OWN WAY!!!

Thank you so very much for reading my other lengthy post and please do not forget…
LOVE, and do what you like!



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