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That was the truth. This is the news.

Get ready everybody, Messiah – who will prove to be Jesus Christ – is coming sooner than you may expect!

I know, we have been waiting for him for so many generations that is hard to believe it now, some of us even lost; but he and Mother Goddess only wanted to make sure we correctly know who is the One who sent him!

By the way, do not expect him to come down on a cloud, all sorts of natural calamities, angels trumpeting while landing from heaven, beasts coming out of seas or anything of the kind!

Our ancestors might have not been too clean at their hearts but should be admired for their vivid imagination though! J Learn from that then make a laugh and carry on!

Like I briefly said in one comment to my first post – if any of you have seen it already – Mother Goddess has created us intending us to, and Jesus Christ has been sent to help us, live our lives to the full,  in the way each of us understand the full.

Refrain not from dreaming big! my dear reader! Or in other words and a little extended…

“Go as far as you dare, for you cannot go beyond the reach of Goddess.

Give as extravagantly as you like, for you cannot spend all the riches of Goddess.

Care as lavishly as you are, for you cannot exhaust the love of Goddess.

Keep journeying as a servant of Her, for Goddess will always be with you.”

And one final thought for now… I reckon Jesus would have been better off in the form of Word he initially was in, but Mother made him like us hoping that we will try to change and become like him, perfect.

The Scriptures has been made so complicated and vast, and faith has been made such a mystery but there is so not much of that.  We only have to emulate Jesus Christ’s virtues, mainly to…

LOVE, and do what you like!

Thank you,


 P.S. Cast all your anxiety on Her because She genuinely cares for you!


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