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…where life is fair and beautiful!

Did you think you would find that out here? Well, I so much wish I could tell you where life is fair and beautiful on planet Earth but there is not such thing I am afraid. There is not a single place on this planet that has retained this characteristic as far as I am concerned. But if there is somebody who knows one… how happy I would be to hear from them!

Pretty disappointing isn’t it? But disappoint not my dear reader!! Like in everything in life, there is always an open door amongst all those closed ones. I hope your hearts will see the open door.

For the sake of love and truth I am trying to point at it now. It says that love and truth always prevail but it does not feel they have truly done it for more than 2,000 years.

Lets widely open that door, shall we?! Hopefully love and truth will come in and fill our hearts with their blissfulness.

Well, according to some religions there is a God and a Messiah. To us, Christians, Messiah is God’s Son – Jesus Christ.
I can definitely say – and I shall tell you later on why is such definite thing – he is a more beautiful person than I could ever imagine, but the One we know as his Father is in fact his… Mother. Our Mother. Our loving and gracious Mother.

God is not a He but a She and this is the truth that has been forbidden for so many long centuries.

The Vatican leaders know all about it and so do Freemasons who have been worshipping Her during all these too many years… but in the most concealed way though. Most probably some other religious and non-religious leaders know it as well.

It is not their fault that our ancestors decided at some point to deprive the world of its fundamental truth for some reasons; and not even much of their fault that they have agreed to carry on concealing the truth from us – I suppose is hard to keep your way when you enter a draconian human machinery like that – but would be their merit to come forward and try to repair this incommensurable injustice they all have done to our Mother, first of all.

However, either followed by their act of justice or not but solely by our Mother’s grace we all know the truth now!

Perhaps we would think about the past for many years to come, but for now we should just open our hearts and minds and see if this drop of yeast works through the whole dough. If it is genuine it will, if not it will perish by itself.

I very much thank you indeed for taking the time and having the patience to read up to this point! Is it because you are much intrigued or because your heart has a good vision?! Either way would be great to hear from you!

Meantime… LOVE, and do what you like! Is quite simple everybody!

P.S. There is nothing in the About section yet and not much of an introduction here. I wish I could have done that but it burns so much inside me that I could not bear to waste one more instant before to share these thoughts of mine with you. I hope you understand this and I promise to let you know more about me as soon as my heart finds a bit of peace. Thank you!


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