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Pope Benedict XVI resigns all at a sudden. Life is full of coincidences!!!…. :)

It was a great “phew” for me to get all that off my chest the other week and share it with you eventually. And I take this opportunity to thank you all so very much for your interest and for following my blog.

There are so many more thoughts I would like to share with you and wanted to do it at the weekend, but I just could not find my words. I was just going in a circle. And when it comes to mind matters circles are such annoying shapes. At least to me. They always take us nowhere. And on top of that drain lots of energy out of us.

The problem was that I did not know if to tell you a little about me or to carry on sharing with you more about what I started to tell you on Friday.

The news about the shock resignation of the Pope showed me what I would have to do and in fact did three quarters of the job for me.

So all I would have to do is adding some other little pieces of truth to the main one I told you already about; just to give your hearts a little more terrain in contemplating these highly confusing news  that are swiftly developing in front of us at the moment.

I hope that those news are highly confusing to many out there but not to you though, because you  got to get this information before many others. There is nothing we should be confused by, things are just following their right way… eventually.

I keep thinking about the past, I live with all my heart   this unique historic present times but more than anything I look forward to the day when all these will be left behind and when we all will start to enjoy the great enlightenment era that is just about to begin.

I think I may have to finish this message here. I do not know what exactly the problem is – it might be the present or the thought about the future that is getting my mind so excited at the moment – but I simply cannot focus on “talk” with you. So sorry about this!

…or it might simply because faith is more of a feeling rather than a talk, has nothing to do with the mind, with the verb I believe. But totally with the heart. With I feel. My heart might need a little quite time just to feel.

I reckon that if we would had let our hearts feel The Scripture rather than our minds believe in them probably we would have understood sooner messages  like this one:

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Roman 12:2 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I’ll be back a little later on. Promise. Meantime please do not forget to…

LOVE, and do what you like!



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