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Not only words.

Remember? I promised you a photograph yesterday. There it is!


It is a beautiful bright J shining in the sky. It happened last summer.

When the right time comes I shall tell you the whole story about it. This is just a little clue for now because I said in my “That was the truth. This is the news.” post that is going to be proved that much waited for Messiah is the beautiful Jesus Christ indeed. I did not want you to think I stated that just because I am a Christian and that is my belief.

I apologise for its very poor quality. That’s because my phone is a poor classic Nokia by 7000 series I believe, 2.0 mega pixel… so cannot ask more from it, can I?! And then the trees in front of my window were not of much help either.

But I can send the photo in JPG format to anybody interested to have a more detailed look at it. I suppose that some clever software can show only the brightest parts and then you can see that huge and beautiful J more accurately. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you would like to have the photo in a JPG format.

Thank you everybody and

LOVE, and do what you like!



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