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Isn’t this a little weird?

My mind might have gone a bit too far since all these discoveries about Reptilians but still… to have two seizures of reptiles and amphibians – more than 1,600 pieces in all – at two important international airports in less than a week is not a very usual thing, is it?!

The first one was at the OR Tambo International Airport, South Africa on January 31st, 2014 and was destined to US.



And the second one happened today at Heathrow International Airport, UK. They were meant for Germany.


These are only two captures but how many shipments of this sort might have safely reached their final destination in the last six months (just to take a random period of time)?

There is only one thing that worries me a little and made me share this with you:

EARTH IS A FREE WILL ZONE and while they – the Reptilians – have made us forget this and of course how to use this huge advantage humans have, I am sure they have happily and heavily made use of it throughout all these many thousand years.

Could they transfer somehow their beings into reptiles and amphibians just not to be affected by the forthcoming events and live in disguise on Earth until the next opportunity to take the control once again?

Or just transfer their beings into reptiles and amphibians just to become smaller and board as many as possible on a spaceship in order to safely leave Earth while they can?

I do not know. And it is a little too complicated for me at the moment. But there is one clear thing I know… that I quite strongly would like to know them all disintegrated once our planet gets to the higher level of vibration / frequency as I do not want them to pester and destroy other planets in the future, like they have done to Earth and us.

Let’s just keep an alert eye on this matter and see how things develop and what our hearts will tell us about it.

Thank you for reading this. High vibration everyone! 🙂

Love, and do what you like anyway!



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