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Isn’t this a little weird? – part II

Honestly, I did not expect to have a part two so soon but you never know what’s in store… unlikely to expect a crocodile on the loose in an European urban zone anyway 🙂

In fact this was reported on February 3, 2014 – a day before I posted part one – but was only tonight when I found out about it. Sorry!

So, in case you have not learned yet, a 6ft (1.8m) crocodile has been allegedly spotted by a bus driver beneath the Bedminster Bridge over the river Avon in Bristol, UK on Monday.


There is also a second person who claimed to have seen it some 400 yards from that bridge yesterday, on February 5, 20144 around 11 AM.


Fine, I took note and I am passing the info on to you but really have no comments until further developments, if any. At this stage is hard to say if wasn’t just a hoax, isn’t it?!

This is all for tonight I am afraid, just a little update on this adjacent matter I treat on my blog for a little while – the Reptilians and their non-human relatives (reptiles and amphibians) 🙂

Love, and do what you like everybody! Keep the high vibration!



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