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If we talk about oneness…

…then please do take a little more time and watch this short clip (about 12 mins):


It explains The Flower of Life in the most original and simple yet complete way I found available on Internet.

Why The Flower of Life? Because everything that has been created in this Universe we live in is based on the same pattern: The Flower of Life.

We are like one and if we want life to get back on track and go on and on here on Earth the only way is oneness.

In normal conditions, we all and everything are interconnected and depend on each other so we cannot simply exist, WE CO-EXIST.

Top Reptilians –  Freemasons/Illuminati and the Vatican – have disconnected us, made us depend on them and as you know, their plan goes as far as creating a single entity – like a single worldwide government – so they could have a better control on us.

The Divine plan is re-creating THE ONENESS here on Earth so we can re-gain our freedom and happiness.

Still didn’t look for that little seed? Then I will finish my message here so you will have the whole time in the world to do that 🙂

Thank you so very much for the time you have spent reading this.

Love, and do what you like! … for that keeps you happy and the vibration high 🙂



A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!


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