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In the beginning

In the beginning this is how beautiful woman’s heart was:


And this is how beautiful man’s heart was in the beginning:


Then the Reptilians came… and I can finish this here as everybody can see and feel on their own skin what happened afterwards ha ha ha

No, no, no! I won’t finish this message here for if I started it that means I would like to tell you something 🙂

So… the Reptilians came and, amongst many other very bad things they have done here, they seduced some of our women too. The men whose those women were destined to, their twin souls, could not find their twin soul any longer, and they had to pair other soul (woman) and so on and on and on until these days.

This is on one hand. On the other hand the offspring of those reptilian male – human female couples had mixed genes of course and bit by bit, through further generations they nearly lost the original beauty of their hearts.

And it is not only that they unpaired the geminate souls – getting humans despaired, because this is the main cause of all the suffering and lack of true fulfillment in one’s life – but they also destroyed the balance between what female and male relation meant to be on this planet.

I said that not finding your other TRUE half is the main source of suffering and lack of true fulfillment in one’s life and this could sound big to you and not agree with me at a first sight.

But please just take the two words, the ones I underlined… if you do find your true pair you get into some sort of despair (unrest).

I do not mind what etymologists say about this two words but life is the best etymologist in this case.

Not finding your twin soul – not getting complete in other words – gives you a constant innate unrest that leads to dysfunctional families, love affairs (outside the marriage), divorce and sometimes re-marriage after re-marriage always hoping this last one is the one.

Now getting back to the second all-important damage the Reptilians caused us – destroying the balance between what female and male relation meant to be on this planet – let’s just take a few of world’s most ancient symbols because they say it all (words are of little help): Vesica Piscis, The Hexagram (known as the “Jewish” Star of David nowadays) and the Yin& Yang.

Other thing I choose not to mind is how historians, scholars or scientists of all kinds have interpreted them  throughout human history or were allowed to describe them to us because what all these tree symbols say to me is the Divine union between female and male, and their energies as the only thing that keeps our species in existence, and all the species in general.

What would Earth be without Sun’s light and warmth? Just a blue “dot” in the Universe, most probably.

And what would the Sun be without Earth’s fertility and beauty (diversity)? Perhaps just a bored hot orange “dot” in the Universe waiting for the right one to pour his infinite love and light onto 🙂

In respect of life and all its aspects, they both Earth and Sun are equal in importance, aren’t they?!

And this is the case in the female and male relation too – they are perfectly equal in all respects.

Any of the ancient symbols I enumerated a bit earlier depicts the two parts identical, either they are circles, equilateral triangles or the other shape from Yin and Yang (don’t know the name of that shape).

There were the Reptilians who wanted to impose and maintain the male domination and broke the balance between female and male in humans. Consequently the life on Earth stopped its natural flowing and started to run in the way the Reptilians dictated through their influences of all sorts and all means of control.

Luckily more and more of our men awaken to what and who they truly are and come to make us remember other pivotal thing that we were forced to forget:


An original great fact that backs me when I say our men are awakening is this one:


However, we started with music so we cannot finish with BBC news, can we?! 🙂

I do not know about you, but I am so much looking forward to seeing Mother Nature rearranging the sky “so that each and every woman could find the perfect guy”…


Why am I so eager on that? After the sky is rearranged and we all find our twin souls, we all will be happy and complete & our children will be brought up in happy families and grow up happy and confident.

This will be part of the fundaments only as all the other wonders will naturally fall into place one by one, just let your imagination loose as we will create our own beautiful reality. Start sending your beautiful thoughts into the Universe so “the crop” will be ready in due time!

There is one more step until then though… women and men of this planet just boldly wish for


… just send your wishes and thoughts into the Universe. There they will meet similar thoughts and the power they form all together will act here on Earth towards freeing us.

This is all for now. Thank you so very much for your time. Hope you enjoyed and resonate with what I’ve said here!

Love, and do what you like! That keeps you happy and the vibration high! 🙂


A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!


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