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The only way is KINDNESS

Spiritual gurus of all sorts – and not only them – tend to indicate meditation as the only or at least main way to spiritual growth.

That is just a myth in my opinion!

Let’s just take the Buddhists as they have been practicing meditation for thousand years. Has this planet and life on her benefited from this in a significant way?

Maybe a little, but not in a major visible way anyway. From all accounts and even from our own experiences, Earth and life on her has been getting worse and worse ever since they were created. Think only about the nuclear weapons and all the nowadays diseases and I reckon you will instantly agree with me.

Meditation tries to take you to the core of your heart through your mind. But does spiritual growth have something to do with mind? I don’t think so. As far as I am concerned, spiritual growth is purely and solely related to the heart.

So mind can never be the correct starting point when we set off on our journeys to the core of our hearts. My view.

But try kindness instead of mediation and you will see the results for yourself. Not  artificial kindness, that sort of kindness with a sense of duty, but genuine kindness from the core of your heart as


Growth in all its aspects can only be achieved by openness of mind and heart, nothing new can penetrate through stiffness, can it?!

Spiritual growth can only be achieved by an open heart, and KINDNESS IS THE KEY THAT OPENS THE HEART letting all that is negative to get out from there.

I have tried to keep this message short hoping to let your heart have more time for contemplating on it 🙂

Thank you very much for reading it anyway.

Love, and do what you like!


A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!


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