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The only way is KINDNESS – part II

May contain some very mild sexual terms at some point.

I know, having an eminent NO ONE like myself saying that what we know about mediation as the only way or at least the main one to spiritual growth is just a myth sounded like… just other one publishing all their thought debris on Internet 🙂

But knowing one of Arthur Schopenhauer’s conclusions helped me a great deal in the last a few years, since started foraging for the truth. And considering I felt like mentioning it here seems that still does. This is the one:

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

So, when posted the first part of this “The only way is KINDNESS” message I did not expect you to resonate with it all at a sudden. And more important than posting my conclusion on this blog was “posting” it into the Universal Matrix. Knowing it there was kind of job accomplished in respect of this new conclusion of mine.

And because I mentioned the Buddhists in that post I found it fairly to let them know about it and sent them an email message:


From: my email address
To: “ohhdl@dalailama.com” <ohhdl@dalailama.com>
Sent: Sunday, 23 February 2014, 1:58
Subject: about meditation

Dear All,

I have just posted a new message on my blog:


His “Holiness” might know the truth I state in my message, nothing new for him perhaps but it is good for him to know that if one person from outside your circles got to see the truth then it will be avilable to anyone who accesses the Universal Matrix, even though does not read my blog.

Either you know it or not, accept it or not and either it is Buddhism, Christianity, Hindu, Islamism, Judaism or any other religion on this planet, they are all  Reptilian products, and they are all just about to collapse.

You still have a bit of time to turn your boat around and do what you preach – to start genuinely caring for this planet and her GENUINE living.

STOP misleading so many people! Its for your own sake too.

Thank you,



Of course they did not response to me but a little “coincidence” happened a week later – in his latest message Montague Keen mentions the Buddhists too:

“… the BUDDHISTS have become involved in removing the dark energy that has engulfed your world.”


I have just presented these elements to you, and now you draw the conclusion that fits the best into your heart 🙂

Because I mentioned Montague Keen’s website I have to point out one thing here: it is one of the most dangerous/disinformative websites I found on Internet so far – kind of cabal beautifully dressed in a white robe, in my opinion.

They FULLY know the truth and masterfully placed pieces of it into those weekly messages just to draw you in but in essence that website is meant to mislead us and we should very carefully segregate the truth from the rest.

Nevertheless, it is good to keep reading them though because those little parts of truth could be prime information sometime.

I am sure the info about the Buddhists is genuine, can see no reason why would have had them mentioned otherwise. I reckon that some more news about the Buddhists involvement may come up in the next days.

Those behind Keen’s website had the info at first hand and abusively used it for their own purpose – to back that Lay Lines Project of theirs. Not that the Lay Lines are not important but their project is like a massage to a wooden leg in my opinion, used just to keep people busy and distract their positive energy.

Unblocking the Lay Lines energy is a lot more of a very complex process in my opinion, as massive buildings had been built in some pivotal points all over the world – this is why I say that those behind Keen’s website just make people waste their positive energy in that project. It is a more serious problem and will be tackled accordingly when the right time comes.

Anyway, enough about Keen’s website! We were talking about the KINDNESS as the only way to fruitful spiritual growth here 🙂

And to make things probably even a little more clearer… I am NOT saying that meditation is futile. NO. It is good at getting you out from the rat race when you need it and bring a little peace to your heart but if you are after THE REAL SPIRITUAL GROWTH OF YOUR SOUL THEN THE ONLY WAY IS KINDNESS – unconditional kindness in all the ways including generosity.

Meditation is good but a bit sterile in this process. When comes to spiritual growth, meditation without unconditional kindness is like we would masturbate all our life and at one point wonder why don’t we have children.

Thank you for reading all this everyone!

Love, and do what you like… anyway! 🙂


A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!


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