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A bit more on The Beatitudes…

…as the understanding of a part of them may have still remained a little wobbly 🙂

I mean this one:

“Blessed are those who weep,

            for those in pristine skies will find comfort.”


The explanation comes from Herto Valus as well:

“Pain comes to wake you up in life, to become more aware of the path to follow. Accept this wake and awake you will stay.”

Sometimes the only way to learn some lessons we come for on Earth is through hardship and turmoil because that is when we start questioning, when we truly try to figure out things because we are preoccupied to understand why all that is happening to us.

Generally, that is where our real personal spiritual journey starts from, when we start our awakening… and after we “weep” we begin to feel how we spiritually grow.

And if we are good “students” then we graduate / ascend to the pristine skies, getting to Omega – our final destination – and become Creators ourselves.

Need some directions? 🙂

“Who wants to be loved, to love; who wants to receive, to give. This is the law for a beautiful life.”

Thank you for your time my dear reader! 🙂 And do not forget…

Love, and do what you like!




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