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What is the darkness?

Yesterday was International Woman’s Day. Given the circumstances of the last 2,000 years and how many women – and innocent people in general – suffer in this world, this celebration sounds ridiculous to me, like a bad joke.

It is a bit like sand thrown into woman’s face, not to let her see who she really is – how much she is and how little she is regarded.

Woman, just look a little at the word WOMAN and you might have a quick glance at who you really are: WOMAN = WO + MAN

So, a woman is a man plus something else. And “WO” is not a suffix, but a prefix.

Now, you draw the conclusions for yourself for I am a little busy writing this new post; I cannot stop too much on what a woman is because, like the title says, my intention is to tell you my view on what darkness is actually 🙂

If at the end of this new message of mine more of us will understand what darkness is, then consequently we may be able to look at woman in the true light.

Sounds like an intricate journey this one I am suggesting to you now, and could be so in a way but do take “the risk”, you might very much say “worth it” in the end 🙂

But in order to get to the end of this message we need to start from somewhere. Right?! We will start from a place located long long ago in time and on fast forward will get to the present day by the end of our journey. Fasten your seat belts please, the engines are ready and we are just about to set off…

Human History. We cannot understand what darkness is if we do not try to bring our history to the day light, our TRUE history I mean. And until we will have it all officially revealed to us, we just pick up bits from wherever we find them available and try to shed light on the real human history.

There are lots of people who have talked about it, I have found a few versions on Internet, but from them all I would like to suggest you to watch this video:


In my opinion, it is quite far from being accurate – if someone has the right measure of what accuracy is in this case!!! – because some misleading information is intentionally placed along the way, but all in all is the most complex I have found available on Internet. As for the misleading info, anyone in the heart can feel it, in other words can segregate the truth from the rest.

Definite thing, there were two extraterrestrial species that invaded our planet at some point and for example, the one they call Hebrew, is described here as the one that “benefited our evolution”

How can one not agree with that?! They indeed have given so many good things to us 🙂 :

1/ although mere extraterrestrials, they called themselves “chosen people” and edited the Scriptures the way that advantaged them the most;

2/ they set up the Freemasonry so the real wealth will stay in (and come to) one very small and close circle of people;

3/ they invented the banking system through which they got to control nearly each and every government nowadays, including US, UK and the rest of EU etc;

4/ they are the most peace-orientated nation on Earth, by having one of the most modern if not the most modern army and compulsory military service of 2 years for everyone in that country, either a man or a woman;

5/ they created an inferior “branch” of them, what we commonly know as Jewish people nowadays, just to generate confusion, so whenever someone gets to understand a bit of the truth to be after the Jews and never have a clue that the real source of “illness” is a great lot deeper.

… I have just mentioned a few for anyone who has a heart to see 🙂

And now for everyone interested to know more about those two extraterrestrial species that have pestered our planet – because in fact they both are highly harmful to Earth and her genuine living – I would recommend you to take a bit more of your time and throughly get through this:


They  are both cold-blooded species – with no heart and feelings whatsoever – both Reptilians: one is the Annunaki and the other one the Inuaki.

The Annunaki is the superior one, the so called blue-blooded people (blue = ice/cold), the ones meant to interbreed in order to keep “the purity” of their blood and the Inuaki is the inferior one meant to “blend in” and alter the humanity at every single level.

The Annunaki are the Hebrew as The Spirit Science video correctly called them, but do not take the Jews as a whole. Like I said here above, they created a branch of ordinary Hebrew just to generate confusion. The real Hebrew/Annunaki are the 13 families that all together own more than 95% of the wealth of this planet (as it is mentioned in the Spirit Science video too at some point).

The Inuaki are the other H, the Hindu. And all that is disorder in every single respect on this planet now, is masterminded by Annunaki and put into practice mainly through Inuaki.

Inuaki are the travelers that have spread “the disorders” all over the planet, and do not mean purely the Hindu people only, but their relatives too, the gypsies.

There is not a single corner on this planet where the Annunaki to have had an interest in and the Inuaki not to have mixed with the population over there in order to implement whatever Annunaki wanted or simply to deceive.

I think you have seen in the media at least two cases in the recent months when gypsy families were taken to court because they were bringing up children who did not resemble their parents features. This is just a little example of what they have done for thousand years, they abduct or even… buy (when available) white children “to dilute” their blood in order to “blend in” more easily.

My constant readers know that at the time I wrote about Reptilians I had a strange impulse to think about the Jews, Indians and the Gypsies in parallel and now I got to understand why that instinct had suddenly sparkled at me 🙂

Those who do not know what I am talking about could find that post of mine here:


The European readers might tent to think that Inuaki are mainly the Romanians and Bulgarians as the Travellers (Roma ethnic group or Gypsies) from these two countries have caused so much damage all over Europe, but if we look a bit at some public info about these two nations we see that the population of gypsy origin accounts for no more than 3.2% and 4.9% respectively from the total population.



By the way, any European country they have traveled to and inevitable been affected by their presence, has tried to integrate them with no success. Why?

I guess the answer is obvious now 🙂 They are not from around here, so how can they ever behave like us?!

A little angry? Don’t be silly my dear reader! 🙂 (pardon me please!)

These are not times when the history is repeating itself, but times of great changes, the greatest since Earth creation!

Our ancestors got angry with the Jews (see the Inquisition and Nazi episodes) – not even with the right ones as the trick played by the Annunaki worked and they were after the ordinary Hebrew – but they did NOT sort out a single thing.

Their anger was so beneficial to the Annunaki and Inuaki and made them stronger as everything that is of low vibration such as negative feelings and bloodshed is what they strive for and feed on.

So, what did I say that the darkness is?! 🙂

I know, haven’t said yet but I am telling you now:


Filling our planet with light and love will leave no room for darkness. Let your hearts of light and love act like little but so powerful alchemists who transform all that is dark and negative into light and love.

It is not rocket science. It is all about the intention. Let your mind allow your heart to do that and once the permission is granted/the intention exists, your heart will know what to do with it without you be bothered any longer. Just remember to allow your heart do that as often as you can, daily if possible.

This is the ONLY successful way we can have those pesters removed from our dear Earth.

It will be all sorted without even taken the streets, not even rising our voices, not even rising a single finger. Our hearts will do the whole job, our hearts all together.

The most loving and forgiving hearts all together are the only ones able to sort this problem out. But whose heart is the most loving and forgiving heart? Isn’t it the heart of a woman?

Isn’t woman’s heart the one that despite of all that has happened to it throughout the history has forgiven everything and remained still such loving heart?

How many women have ever started a war?

Come on genuine women of this planet, get your beautiful hearts all together and make this planet that beautiful place where you like to bring your children up!!!

Have you been busy with the worries for tomorrow and forgotten how this planet used to look like in your dreams? No problem! Listen to this once again and then your hearts will remember everything:


Any John Lennon like-hearted men around? You know you are so much needed and welcome, please just feel free to join us! 🙂

From me and for now, this has been all about darkness and how women can make their contribution to removing it from this planet. At the same time, a tribute to THE WOMAN.

If you have got so far with reading my message, then I only have to thank you so very much for your patience and time. Hope you find it worth it indeed!

Love, and do what you like!


A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!


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