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Just one more “coincidence” – part I

I sent an email message to Pope Francis last Friday, on March 21st, 2014 in copy to the US Embassy at Vatican and London based Freemason office, only to hear in the news that Pope Francis received President Barack Obama today:


 So, thought it is the right time to share the content of that message with you, my dear readers:


 Dear Jorge,

To start with, please do pardon me for not calling you the proper way – “Holy Father”.  It is not that I do not respect people and their merits but I simply do not resonate and agree with the current ordinations of things here on Earth any longer.

But whatever the ordination of things would be at some point in human history, in front of Divinity we are all equal and equally loved and cared for so I just scrap off all the other layers and address to you in the way the Divinity looks at us, and I do it in front of Divinity and our Lord.

And at the end of the day, Matthew 23:9 clearly states: “9 And do not call anyone on earth “father”, for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.” So, I do not understand why the church and people in general has/have never found the way to conform to that in these more than 2,000 years.

Never mind as this is not the reason I am writing to you today anyway!

The reason that made me take these words and put them together for you now is THE PRIMORDIAL TRUTH.

There were thousand and thousand of generations that13 All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance…”Hebrew 11:13and there are these several generations that are living at the moment, most of them striving to be good followers of the Catholic Church but NONE of the 265 predecessors of yours did not have the strength of character to tell them the PRIMORDIAL TRUTH.

There was only Pope Benedict XVI who stepped down last year due to the pressure the hiding of truth put on him over the several years of papacy.

Earth is a free will zone – this has been other fact that was kept away from us until recent years – so, all your predecessors were free to act according to their will  and so you are but I would like to kindly ask you to throughly and thoughtfully contemplate this problem and try to come to the right decision in the end. If you can.

I do not know if you feel it but these are times when the truth cannot stay hidden away for much longer and sooner or later this year all the people of this planet will found out the truth about the REAL Divinity – our Mother, the one and only Goddess – the REAL Jesus Christ and their REAL stories about their Dacian origin (the modern days Romania) and their REAL a few simple laws for a beautiful life.

And when I say REAL Jesus Christ I do not mean that SANANDA your Reptilian fellows try to intoxicate and mislead people with, but the truly REAL one only the little children and those pure at hearts will be able to recognize.

Our human ancestors knew the truth and ought to stick with it:

17 ’We will certainly do everything we said we would: we will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. 18 But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have had nothing and have been perishing by sword and famine.’ – Jeremiah 44:17-18

 …but there were your Reptilian ancestors who did whatever they possibly could to make this truth vanished from the public eye and knowledge, keeping it only for small circles at Vatican and of Freemasonry as well. Because although apparently in such contradictions, both these organizations worship one and the same Deity – our beautiful Mother.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

Loads and loads of REAL LIGHT and LOVE is being poured upon you and all at Vatican and you will feel the effect very soon because it is happening in the NOW.



PS        Anybody interested in this and all the truth about us and our beautiful Earth is wholeheartedly welcome to visit my blog: https://loveandtruthalways.wordpress.com/



If you have a bit more time and are interested, please find here-below some “technical” details as I could not send the message directly to the Pope – there is no email address an ordinary person could use for sending an email message to the Pope. So, had to send it to the Papal Basilica:


From: my email address
To: “spbasilica@org.va” <spbasilica@org.va>
Sent: Friday, 21 March 2014, 22:50
Subject: A message to Pope Francis

To: The Papal Basilica – St. Paul outside-the-walls

Although you partly live on public money and should be a church of people and for people, the Holy See cannot be directly contacted by an ordinary person via email, so please do assist me with forwarding my message to Pope Francis.

Thank you very much indeed,




Then I sent it to the US Embassy at Vatican too because I wanted the Pope to receive it form two parties and also because was of interest to the White House and those behind it as well:


From: my email address
To: “USEmbassyVatican@state.gov” <USEmbassyVatican@state.gov>
Sent: Friday, 21 March 2014, 23:07
Subject: Message to Pope Francis

To: The US Embassy at The Holy See

Dear All,

Although The Holy See partly lives on public money and should be a church of people and for people, they cannot be directly contacted by an ordinary person via email, so I would like to kindly ask you to assist me with forwarding my message to Pope Francis.

I reckon it is a matter of a great deal of interest to President Barack Obama and all at and behind the White House Administration too, so please do let them have this message as well.

Thank you very much indeed.

LOVE and LIGHT to you at the Vatican and all in US. 

I am,



 And then finally sent it to the United Grand Lodge of England (the Freemason London based office) for a reason I stated it in the introductory message to them:


Dear All of United Grand Lodge of England,

I sent a message to the Holy See tonight and the Freemasonry is mentioned in that message too so thought would be fair on you to let you know about it myself 🙂

Loads and loads of REAL LOVE and LIGHT as you have never received before!




The message to the United Grand Lodge of England was sent from their website – http://www.ugle.org.uk – and I do not have details about date/time as they do not provide a copy of the messages I am afraid.

The conclusions? I don’t know, you draw them for yourself please 🙂

I only can thank you so very much for sharing your time with me and remind you to…

Love, and do what you like everyone! 🙂



A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!



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