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Long time no talk

…but it does not mean that I have forsaken my believes and/or the “habit” of sharing them with you here, on the blog.

At the same time, it does not mean that if I have not posted any of my thoughts on the blog in such so long time, they remained locked up somewhere in my head. No, they are all available in the upper magnetic grid of the Earth, which we all the living are connected to – for that’s is why we are like one, all interconnected and depending on each other.

Once a thought is emitted by someone, it goes straight to that grid and anyone thirsty for that sort of information will pick it up from there, and is not about I do not know what complicated connections, such as a specific kind of meditation or something like that – to access that information, it is enough to strive to find out what you would like to know and the truth comes to you the same way inspiration comes to artists – at some point you just have/know that information and that’s it.

Anyway, the moment a thought reaches the grid starts influencing all of us and the more of us emit/send the same kind of thoughts the more powerful the effect of it will be on us all – that is why they, for example have spared no occasion throughout the history to imbibe us with all sort of beliefs and actions that cultivate fear so that we would emit/send that fear into the grid and receive the effects of it back on us.

When someone is afraid is looking downward, does not have the strength to look forward or around them, so that person is kind of blind with fear… And this is what we have been for thousand years.

But not this one is the reason I am here now, in front of you today. I am here just because I would like to wholeheartedly wish a


to all the genuine women of Gaia / Earth.

It has never been a better time for us, GENUINE women of Gaia to recall that here on our beautiful planet – a beautiful girl herself – THE FEMININE is the primordial source of life and to start to radiate our graceful power through/from our each and every pore!!!

As the darkness is just the lack of light, the too much of the masculine into our nowadays world is just the lack of the feminine (they reduced us to this condition through religion, politics etc).

But is the very time to leave all this behind WITH NO ANGER and to start VISUALISING that once so beautifully balanced Gaia, when women and men knew this by heart and never deviate from this unwritten rule in their relations:

“Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”… and equal, I would add.

Things are unfolding at an extremely rapid pace at these times and you may not really realise the very moment when your visualisation will come true… but you will enjoy all that comes after that wonderful moment 🙂

Love, and do what you like!



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