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Perfection II

I meant to have my say on the Germanwings air plane crush in French Alps with the next post that was to come, but I have had so many from the challenging side on my plate these days that my mind simply refused to take in more of the sort.

I do not know if it is my mind or my heart the one that takes control in such situations, but when there is too much of the negative things to deal with I feel like my mind kind of automatically lets go and takes refuge in whatever lighter/relaxing things happen to be around at the time.

And this way I saw myself accustomed with the songs of India Arie tonight. Very good with words she sounds to me. I really enjoyed some of her songs and resonated with them in many places.

It is this one, Break the shell…

that caught my mind in between its words and the melodic line and decided to share it with you.

I have found in it ideas and concepts I fully agree with and also things not from my side, and from the latter one this bit is:

“So much disappointment finally understand / That there is no such thing as perfection.”

 … so much not me!!!

Life on Earth and all the living were in such harmony, peace and balance at the beginning – we will remember this soon, but until then the Bible’s Garden of Eden talks about it, for example – and if not PERFECTION then how could we call it then?!


When all the people live in the heart there is nothing but PERFECTION that automatically surrounds and fills the life on Earth.

It is not the mind that makes decisions – good or bad – but the heart that makes things smoothly and naturally flow… and then what else could be the results if not the PERFECTION itself?!

As life was created in the beginning, it was not necessary to try to be better or brighter or witter or whatever we try to be sometimes nowadays in comparison with whoever we are in the situation to compete with SIMPLY BECAUSE EVERYONE WAS PERFECT AS IT WAS AND PERFECTLY IN TUNE WITH THEMSLEVES AND LIFE IN GENERAL.

And so it is. (soon)

Just dream about it. Well, we call it visualisation these days, and dreams do not come true any more recently, but they materialise. However we call all these, the Universe understands what we mean ha ha (personally, like to call it daydreaming)

If it is a night of music then let it be music…

John Lennon’s Imagine… a bit of inspiration for our next visualisation 🙂

By the way, I do not know a single thing about it and have done no research so far but just came across with this definition and makes PERFECT sense to me:

“Synergism – the theological doctrine that salvation results from the interaction of human will and Divine grace.”

Just strip off all the religious connotations and see… doesn’t it sound like PERFECTION to you too?!

To me, that is just the way things work on our dearest soon-perfect-back-again Earth.

Anyway, thank you so very much for the time you have spent over here.

Love, and do what you like!

I am Cristina


PS I had to call this current material Perfection II for I realised that was another time when felt like sharing with you my thoughts on this beautiful subject…



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