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The shortcut

I was watching the latest of Lilou Mace’s interviews tonight and that prompted me to talk (again) about something I hold very dear… RE-BALANCING THE DIVINE FEMININE and THE DIVINE MASCULINE, and do it at all the levels, including within each of us.

… I am saying nothing new, I think that even myself talked about this at one point … there is a man in every woman and a woman in every man. Even the Ying & Yang symbol shows it – each side has a dot in the colour of the other one.

In my view, we were created like this just in order to understand better each other as couples… the woman to have a better understanding on how and what the man feels like and vice-versa.

If you acknowledge, accept and make friends with the girl / boy inside you, then its impossible not to understand your other half very near to the fullest extent, if not even right to that point.

Anyway, getting back to the RE-BALANCING THE DIVINE FEMININE and THE DIVINE MASCULINE thing… in my opinion that is the essence and the key to what our Earth and us need… and are fast approaching, I dare to say.

This is the shortcut to where we want and need to get, and all the rest comes naturally as a consequence.

I was talking about this back in February 2013…


And to make it complete, my very first post would need to be read too…


By the way, most times I think I should add some photos to my articles, but I would like them to be authentic (mine, not any from Internet) and is hard to find every time something appropriate and on the other hand, I just focus on what I say and almost that’s it.

I do not want to debate something, do not want to convince anyone, do not want to post an image that would create a specific visualisation on your mind… for I would like everyone to create your own visualisation… if you feel like, of course.

But for tonight, there it is a little scribbling I did some time ago with the balance between feminine and masculine in my mind…

my dear vesica piscis

Thank you for the time you have spent on these lines and… Thank you Lilou… Thank you Jolene… for the inspiration you were to me tonight 🙂

I meant to talk about the Germanwings crush but for some reasons (not known to me yet) I keep postponing it. Probably because more than ever before we should focus on the positive rather then uncovering the negative at this current stage.

Love, and do what you like!

I am Cristina


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