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Decoding the new energies

It seems that Lu Lu and Xi Mei are amongst the first ones to decode some of the new energies coming to Earth. Seriously, I do mean it…


…just ignore the mistake from the title… they do not have a sex session but one of LOVE MAKING. Having sex has to do with the brain, and only us, the dual humans are capable of such catastrophe.

Way too much of the things we do not like in this world?

…obviously that means it is way too little of the ones we enjoy and a very simple way of re-balancing it is by increasing the amount of light and love:

Light = Truth… because it is the truth that enlightens us and sets us free


Love… is just the beautiful and unique Love… which is NOT just a feeling but it is everything that surrounds us and what all was made of at the beginning, and in order to increase the amount of love on Earth we do not have only to nurture love as a feeling only but to LITERALLY MAKE IT (produce it) – to create that beautiful energy from the union of feminine and masculine, that high vibration beneficial not only to the two directly involved but to the planet herself and all the living.

Warning: Once again, having sex it is not the same to making love. It has to be that very one you genuinely love, the one that makes you feel whole again… like when you (as a soul) were created, has to be your twin soul.

If that very twin soul is not around yet, no problem.

Self-mastery, so to say, is just about the same thing when comes about increasing the amount of love on Earth.

One who does not know and love her/himself cannot know and love others.

So, do start by knowing and loving yourself… I know the church and “specialists” say that the love of ourselves is a sin respectively a “mental issue”… but is this the first thing they mislead us with?!

However, Love and do what you like 🙂 

I thank you for your time.

I am Cristina


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