The Three Graces?

An YouTube clip watched last night and today’s correspondence with Philip Shepherd – the interviewed person – is what made me get my thoughts together on a topic that really had to have a place on my blog some day, and that day seems to be today.

This is Philip’s interview:

and this is my email message to him:


Hello Philip,

I watched your interview by Lilou Mace the other day and loved it.

You are so close to the core of truth and probably what I loved the most was your understanding about The Goddess, the balance between the feminine and masculine and the way things on our dearest Earth used to work before we were forced into left-braining, were “maled” or however you like to call it… for I am sure you know what I mean.

It is so great that the time to rediscover our gut brain/intelligence has come again and is great to see how beautifully you explain it all but I am a little confused about how you see the role of the heart in our lives, and I was wondering if you have not discovered/understood yet or you like to presented it all gradually to the public.

Our planet stands under the symbol of trinity – life on our planet is possible due to the passionate love between Earth (feminine) and Sun (masculine) with the consent and nourishment of The Goddess, our Mother as the architect, creator and nurturer of our planet and all life on her.

Each of the three has their own intelligence that work perfectly together in order to obtain the perfection of life on Earth (as it was originally and will be restored before too long).

And so do we as individuals – we have the masculine intelligence (in the head), the feminine intelligence (in the gut) and the supreme or divine intelligence, the one of our heart for in the heart resides the sparkle of divine in every person that genuinely belongs to Earth.

So, in my opinion it is crucial to get re-balanced the roles of the gut and head intelligences, but at the same time or as the next step to get them in harmony with heart’s intelligence for that is the right alignment necessary to restore the happy life on our dearest planet.

The real Divinity – The Goddess, our Mother – sends her inspiration, love and light to the heart (for that’s why the heart is the first organ that takes form in an embryo) but feels like the gut intelligence is the most important one because she is the one meant and able to decode what heart’s intelligence receives from Mother – it is a feminine to feminine communication, we can better understand each other.

To summarise what I have just said… the first one in importance would be the heart’s intelligence because is the divine intelligence (the primordial one), then the gut intelligence for it is a whole, is whole feminine and for this reason is more steady and powerful then the brain intelligence, which goes on the third place and is dual, feminine and masculine at the same time.

The intelligence of the brain has a feminine part in order to be able to communicate with the other two intelligences, which are both feminine, and has a masculine side in order to keep things in balance, just in everything that involves life – the most things are done by the feminine but we need the masculine to keep the balance and things going 🙂

Other reason the gut intelligence is meant to be the most important one between the two (gut and brain) is because in the belly resides the creative energy – everything genuine on our planet comes from that area of our body… from a baby to a great idea.

Your interview was of great joy for me and I thank you so much for coming my path and prompting me to write this message to you for with this occasion I got to remember and put together my views on this topic.

I will look at them once again and then I think I will share them on my blog too for I have not reached this subject over there yet.

If you feel the drive, I would like to kindly invite you to have a look at my blog. For example, you could start with this…

and then carry on (if feels like) with this one…

I do not know how all the things I have talked about in this message will be received by you, but I hope I send them to a fertile soil and I would be very glad to get until over here your resonance with them, if any of course.

Many thanks for your time, Philip.

With inspiration, love and light,

Cristina. I am Cristina 🙂


And for a better understanding of this so important fact/subject, this is Philip’s answer:


Dear Christina

Thanks for your beautiful note, and the links you shared.  If there had been more time in the interview, my views on this matter might have been clearer – but let me try here.  Our culture is so head-centric that to speak of the heart directly is to risk the misunderstanding that our task is to move from the head to the heart.  Lots of people are trying to do just that, and in my experience, this is unsustainable.  On the other hand, if head and belly come into relationship (a relationship in which the belly is understood to be ‘home’) then their energies will naturally conjoin and, together, open to the divine energies of the heart.

I hope this helps.  I wish I could offer a more leisurely response, but I’m heading overseas today to give some workshops in Ireland, and have lots to do to prepare.

Again, my thanks for writing, and my best wishes,

Philip Shepherd
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In mythology The Three Graces are goddesses of beauty, charm and creativity, but as Confucius concluded long ago… “Signs and symbols rule this world, not rule and law”… it won’t be much of a surprise to me if one day we will have the confirmation that in fact The Three Graces are the three types of intelligence we posses: the gut intelligence, the head intelligence and the intelligence of the heart.

Now that we understand their powers, we can see why the Greeks and Romans might have called them goddesses, don’t we?!

Well, just my view. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to get to know it 🙂

Love, light and inspiration be with you… and meanwhile…

Love, and do what you like.

I am Cristina


Have you seen this?

I have been “trapped” into quotidian in the last period of time and could not post anything on the blog.

The dark ones do whatever they possibly can to prevent the truth to surface, but do not worry, the truth is like oil in the water – once the container had been broken, no one and nothing can keep the content (the oil) in the deep.

I found this clip tonight and could not resist sharing it with you – I adore horses and I am sure all of Earth do it too.

They just filled my heart with their joy, with what the real world is going to be like back again and I hope your hearts too will enjoy it as much…

Whatever happens in your life at the moment, however tough, just look through it and beyond it for we are here for so much more.

Do not let anyone or anything lower your vibration, keep it aligned with Earth’s as we are nearly there, so close to the final destination – a matter of some two years or so.

Love, light and inspiration be with you… and meanwhile…

Love, and do what you like 🙂

I am Cristina