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Have you seen this?

I have been “trapped” into quotidian in the last period of time and could not post anything on the blog.

The dark ones do whatever they possibly can to prevent the truth to surface, but do not worry, the truth is like oil in the water – once the container had been broken, no one and nothing can keep the content (the oil) in the deep.

I found this clip tonight and could not resist sharing it with you – I adore horses and I am sure all of Earth do it too.

They just filled my heart with their joy, with what the real world is going to be like back again and I hope your hearts too will enjoy it as much…


Whatever happens in your life at the moment, however tough, just look through it and beyond it for we are here for so much more.

Do not let anyone or anything lower your vibration, keep it aligned with Earth’s as we are nearly there, so close to the final destination – a matter of some two years or so.

Love, light and inspiration be with you… and meanwhile…

Love, and do what you like 🙂

I am Cristina


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