The present is a present / gift and we should cherish it for what it is, the best present ever…but the present is something that is pre-sent as well…a present that we pre-sent ourselves at some point in the past.

And with this new consideration at heart, I believe that the sooner we understand to get in harmony with whatever comes our way the brighter the future is.

The more we fight to change whatever doesn’t feel right in our present, the more fight and unrest we project on our future and eventually the more fight and unrest comes our way in the future.

Be good to yourself, be in harmony with whatever you pre-sent to you in the past, so the effect of that is neutralised and the harmony becomes your PRESENT 🙂

…haven’t been around here in a quite long while and missed it but probably I was busy ‘rearranging’ the present in a distant past and pre-sent to me all that busy-ness for what has been the present in the past a couple of months… I wish I would understand those who say that the spiritual path is an easy going one for didn’t feel so over here… I think that whatever comes up to be understood or purified can’t be a light thing at all the time, if any of the times 🙂

Thank you so much for your time.

Keep in harmony!!!

I am Cristina


PS   I feel that really before too long we get to understand that business is just busy(i)-ness, with a different pronunciation, in other words uselessness and switch the importance from whatever means busi(y)ness to whatever means happiness to us, as souls 🙂