Same old words, new understandings

I said these things I am about to say here and there, every now and then, but watching a video of a brilliant young man  (13 years in age) on Facebook today and the vivid debate that was triggered by his statements, made me want to have a say in that very constructive discussion.


Because is impossible to concisely put in a Facebook comment something that hasn’t put together for centuries, I decided that a blog post is more convenient, especially when you didn’t share anything on your blog for ages… Like I did in the last period of time. Sorry to all my followers.


Maxwell, by his name, explains in a short video that god is energy –  talks about some other things too, but that’s the main topic.


I totally agree with him and add some other aspects here-below.


Just to be clear, this is my Universal Truth and I do not call it your Universal Truth also or try to get supporters of it, for each one has to decide for themselves.


The Primordial Source (we used to call her god) is a conscious form and source of energy and so we are, for we were made in her image and likeliness – on this bit organised religions are correct.


“In her image” for we are in fact our souls – and we get a vehicle to be able to function when we come on Earth, our body – and “in her likeliness” for we are given divine potential when we are born as souls.


It depends on our choices from some age on, if we make the most of our potential or not.


We can call her energy, her spirit and our energy as souls is called spirit too… that’s why sometimes we are in higher spirits than other times… sometimes we have more of her energy/spirit, other times we have less of it.


Her energy/spirit is in everyone and everything on Earth and is everyone and everything on Earth…from our bodies to our thoughts, emotions and words, from our house to our clothes and cars, everything is energy.


In our – nearly former – dimension (for we are transitioning to higher dimensions / state of consciousness) the material world is kind of dense, condensated energy.


The higher in dimension/consciousness we get, the lighter/less dense we will be.


The Source’ energy is what we call love. That’s why on Earth the highest energy is love, and that’s why love always creates things, doesn’t destroy things.


Because she is the Primordial Source she has the purest form of energy, the purest love… THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE… the love that means 110% dedication but without attachment and hurting.


We use to call that form of supreme energy/consciousness, the Christ Consciousness.


Its a tricky name, makes you think of Christ, so wrongly credits  Christianity more than the other organised religions – in fact all religions, big or small, are crap – but actually comes from CRISTAL / CRYSTAL the purest form of everything… for that’s why we call “crystal clear” when we want to express the maximum of understanding, purity etc.


The state when we are able to absorb the most of Source’ energy is when we are in the middle of it, so to say, literally when we are IN LOVE. That’s why we feel in high spirits when in love, for we have more of Source energy/spirit, and that’s why life feels easier and everything easier to achieve.


The way we can multiply and expand Source’ energy in our life and world is by literally MAKING LOVE.


That’s why we see all those sex scenes in ancient art (like  Hindu temples)… that is the correct way of worshipping the Source.


But be very careful though, the correct way of worshipping the Source is kept secret over centuries but those temples and other proofs are not destroyed!!! Why?!


Because they are from times when humanity was already deceived and are meant to MISINFORM us for they depict sex making not LOVE making, they depict manly orgies, where people have sex not make love and is both, heterosexual and homosexual.


That’s not the truth. Multiplying Source’ energy is making love, so lots of the purest feelings involved and in between a woman and a man only. No homosexuality, no orgies.


Now getting back to Christ Consciousness and Jesus Christ, there is a genuine link between them indeed though for the last humans who attained the Christ Consciousness were Jesus and his other half, we know her by the name of Mary Magdalene… who knows what their real name were?…and if they lived some 2000 years ago or their story is inspired by older facts?!


The second coming of Jesus Christ means the return of Christ Consciousness on Earth – like I said the highest and purest form of consciousness – so the times when a woman and a man will get separately to that level of consciousness and then they get together to bring the truth/light back on Earth.




The Source’ energy is neutral for she gave  us the free will, full freedom. That’s why we polarise it when gets on Earth, either positive or negative.


The Source herself is a balance of feminine and masculine energy for that’s the state in which creation takes place, but she is of feminine traits.


Don’t ask me why for I do not know, probably simply was her choice as a Prime Creator.


Here on Earth, she transferred her power to (empowered) women… Give a woman a viable spermatozoid and she makes a baby. Give a man a viable egg and he makes… 🙂


Although in every woman there is a man and in every man there is a  woman, only the balanced state of a woman and a man can create, either a baby or simply just primordial energy to help them live the life they desire.


And although she is the empowered one here on Earth, a woman can’t take the specie further, can’t have babies on her own.


That is because full balance was intended on Earth and we are getting back to it.


Just a little note here… either women or men can multiply the primordial energy on their own, by making love to themselves, by masturbating… in other words.


Now back to the Primordial Source… in the Universe she is what scientists call Dark Matter and her energy/spirit is the Dark Energy. Both are phenomenons that still puzzle the science and always will as long as we try to understand them using the brain intelligence instead of the intelligence of our hearts… still so little talked about this intelligence of heart!!!


In celestial form the Primordial Source is represented by the Moon… some Islamic states still retained the Moon as their state symbol, on flags etc… see Turkish flag for example.


On Earth, the Primordial Source is represented by Water, which like the Dark Matter in the Universe, covers more than 70% from the total on our planet.


And also more than 70% water we are when we are born and we come from water as well… the amniotic fluid.


Needless to say that no life is possible without water on Earth.


In a state of normal functioning, everything is limitless on our Universe, there are endless possibilities and this is showed by the Flower of Life and depends on how we want to expand our consciousness.


Unfortunately things weren’t in a normal state of functioning here on our planet for some thousand years, but luckily we are just getting out that state and no one and nothing can stop us now.


All these things could be explained by science as well in a way or other (Fibonacci code is just an example) but that is for someone passionate about numbers who doest take it to a higher level but just explains it in other way.


The authentic things on our planet are simple, not reserved only to scientists to understand them, and sometimes, if we are not open enough, education can hinder us from understanding them… for we get stuck on relaying on what we have been told rather than what we experience and in using our brain intelligence instead of heart intelligence when try to comprehend important things.


This bit the Little Prince explains it a lot better than me, so get that little book and read it again if necessary 🙂


I can only add this trailer and with it conclude my statements, letting you feel and judge them for yourself:


Divine Women Trailer:


Thank you for your time.

Love, and do what you like.

I am Cristina.