False light in a different form






Yesterday somewhere in New York started what they call ‘the disclosure event of the year’… by the official title… Agartha to the Humanity, World Symposium.

Tamarinda Maassen, the so called ambassador of the Agartha (the Innner Earth Kingdom) is going to make some ‘epic’ disclosures, answer ALL the questions and have other guest speakers invited to back her theories/disclosures.

According to their description, Agartha is the place where some ascended masters of the 5D+ worlds live… entities of all races, Atlantians, Lemurians but most importantly, those they call the ‘founding fathers’ of humankind… Pleiadians, Arcturians and so on.

From all accounts I have come across with, that place looks very 5D+ paradisiacal like indeed, but as far as I am concerned, its inhabitants are far from being the light entities they pretend to be.

Based on all I have come to acknowledge so far, the inner Earth is the place where the masterminds of the system that keeps humanity and our planet under control live. And they are all the way opposite to who they preted to be. They are just the top heads of the dark ones that invaded and since then have kept us under control/slavery.

Most probably they are going to explain in ‘full details’ how they ‘created’ us and life on Earth.

They may even prove that with some DNA tests, and those would be for real indeed for when they came here they did something that probably is amongst most not recommended things, if not forbidden totally …. MIXING RACES / DNA OF TWO DIFFERENT PLANETS.

They came here and took wives from the daughters of the men, as the bible calls the human women (Genesis 6:4… a piece of truth amongst such twisted information contained by the bible).

So yes, we do have for real some extraterrestrial DNA, but that is because they forced us to interbreed with them, NOT BECAUSE THEY CREATED US.

And like that wasn’t bad enough, they genetically mutated us some thousands years ago. Some say that before Atlantida fell, but I feel that happened about 6,000 years ago and after that they brought the Great Flood of Noah in order to wipe up all the proves of the past and start life on Earth all anew, from square one back again.

That’s why from the original multidimensional beings with at least 12 DNA strands, we have been in the last thousands years these little silly slave robots with only 2 DNA strands active and all the rest deactivated and called by the ‘scientists’… JUNK DNA.

So, do fully activate your personal fiter when get in contact with any info from this symposium.

We might find out some new interesting and genuine info, but that’s just a by product for the true essence of this symposium is all dark and meant to deceive even more Lightworkers.

The hilarious and ridiculous thing is that they are from ‘the big, ascended, perfect and prosperous’ Agartha and come to their poor relatives from the surface to bring them new and higher level of consciousness – which means happiness, equality and prosperity for all, for they pretend they are one with us and come for unity – but have this symposium on paid tickets, and even the virtual / online attendance costs a wealh of some USD 299.- or something like that :))))

And our silly human fellows go and pay all that…for the event is a sold out one, in-person tickets I mean.

But as everything has a good part in it, the good part in all this crap I am talking about is that brings the eyes of the world to ROMANIA, but in a totally different light than the old usual one…when all the gypsies from here – who actually originate from India, came over some 300 years ago and are a small minority in this country – were sent in large groups by Illuminati all over Europe and lately to US where have terrorised the population of a little town with their tribal behaviour, just like they do here and did in some big European cities in the recent years.

Tamarina Maassen, who by her real name seems to be called Tatiana, is of Romanian origin and she is going to explain to the world what huge energetic point Romania is and how important this territory is in the events and changes to come very soon on our planet.

She may also talk about the tunnels under our mountains as well, which are artificial portals to inner world… but at the same time natural portals to upper world / Light… because from this very same territory comes Tamarinda Maassen, the ambassador of inner earth (more precisely, the dark ones / false light) BUT ALSO ‘THE AMBASSADOR’ OF TRUE LIGHT and LOVE.

The only difference is that she is not going to host a world symposium on paid tickets :)))) but she will only do what she came here to do for humanity and our dearest Earth, all at the right time and before too long.

And she will also bring to the knowledge and attention of the world, the one we knew as Jesus, in one of his previous incarnations, for the mission for humanity is their team work.

And by the way, other good thing this Agartha symposium might do, is that Tamarinda may tell to the world the truth about our Mother Goddess, the true architect, creator and nurturer of all that is, and who originally were in everything that existed, before some of her creations decided to disconnect from her and experience the darkness.

This is a sort of presentation of this current symposium:

Ambassador of the Inner Earth Kingdom of Agartha …: http://youtu.be/wbK9uBBj0iI

And for those of you who want to find out more about Agartha, this is an account I found quite interesting, but read it with your personal filter fully activated… as we should have it permanently nowadays:


The true light and love be upon us all… on, above and inside Earth. So it is, all in this NOW.

Love, and do what you like.

I am Cristina.

PS   The source of the photo is the Internet and I am not even sure was taken in Romania, but I simply felt it representative to the content of my post 🙂


The power of words







Confucius said:

“Signs and symbols rule the words, not words nor laws.

I would say:

The signs and symbols behind words have ruled our world during this era of darkness, not kings or presidents nor laws.

Have you ever wondered why all the maritime vessels, aircrafts and spaceships, from pirates vessels to nowadays warships and spacecrafts are identified as ‘SHE’?!

Have you ever wondered why the artificial public enemy number one, Islamic State, is dubbed ISIS… whereas it simply would have to be IS?!

…and because is the public enemy number one, we have had the whole planet hating and fighting against Islamic State aka ISIS for the last several years.

If you haven’t done it yet, I would like to kindly invite you to start wondering these two things (and all the others that do not sound good to your inner ‘ear’) right away.

In the meanwhile, I will share with you my own answers and truths on these matters.

We are living the historical times of the end of an era based on fear – starting with the fear for god the father, however he is called in all the different religions and sects on out planet – and the beginning of a new era based all on LOVE.

We actually are getting back to our normal state for our planet is a planet created by and based on love, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

The unconditional love is personified by our Mother Goddess, who is the architect, creator and nurturer of all that is on our planet, she is in everything that is and is nothing and everything at the same time.

In other words, we should not give her any form or name, but just revere her as everything that is.

Because of the massively turbulent history and evolution of our planet, she got different representations, images and names throughout the time.

I told you in several posts so far that even the christian bible talks about her, and for those new around here, there you are those specific verses:

“17 We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm.18 But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have had nothing and have been perishing by sword and famine.” / Jeremiah 44:17-18

The last well-known name we know her by is ISIS and we know her as of Egyptian origin.

Please find here-below a fragment from a description of Isis, the goddess, that I find it very relevant:

“The Goddess Isis originated in Egypt and has inscribed on Her temple in Sais, “I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal man hath ever me unveiled.”
By the period of the Roman Empire, she had become the most prominent deity of the Mediterranean basin. She was a formidable contender with the newly founded Christian religion and Her worship continued well into the 6th century AD until persecution pushed Her into the shadows of religiosity.”

It is from:

I found it very relevant mostly because contains the quote on Isis’ temple:

“I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal man hath ever me unveiled.”

It is a very powerful statement, but whereas the first part feels genuine, I am pretty sure that the last bit has been added with the single clear scope of keeping her importance and power unveiled for the generations to come because the new patriarchal era was under preparation at that time.

Well, these current times are the precise ones of our Mother Goddess’s return and this fact is well known, but deeply and utterly disliked by those who ruled and controlled us and our planet and knowing the powers of the words they constructed a highly destructive machinery called ISIS – Islamic State – and in this way get all the hatred of the whole world and the negative energy associated to it directed to the name of ISIS, which the Universe previously has known as our Mother Goddess… and once created in that form, you can’t update the Universe 🙂

That’s why is said “Nomen est omen”… Your name is your destiny and that’s way we always try to give to our children names that have a particular meaning to us.

So, instead of having us revering the name of Isis and by doing so, giving it power to be rebirth –  remembered by us – they wanted to have the name of ISIS bombarded with hatred  (because of Islamic State and malevolent dubbing of it)… and in this way diminishing its rebirthing and remembering powers.

All the important things are simple on our planet and this is just one of the case.

Every single trick works as well as is unknown to the public. Once disclosed, it simply ceases to work.

And contrary to what is stated on Isis, the Egyptian goddess’s temple… MORTAL MEN HATH HER UNVEILED. Once our Mother Goddess was revealed to me in 2012, I have never stopped digging for her truths and I have constantly stayed by her side… this blog and the one in Romanian, my mother tongue –adevarsiiubire.wordpress.com –  being just proves of this.

Why do they want so badly to keep her veiled for us??!

Because she is the one who created us without our help, but can’t save us within our consent… for she created us free and sovereign people.

So, if we were made by the cannons of the religions to revere god the father, our Mother Goddess could not interfere with that because of the free will rule that she gave to our planet and us at our creation.

But once we give to our Mother Goddess the consent to save us, we are no longer the slaves the system that ruled our planet wants us.

And that is the biggest deal for them and the most horrifying… for is like we give to our Mother Goddess her hands back again.

As for maritime vessels, aircrafts and spaceships being identified as SHE… I think is quite clear now.

When they launch one of those ships into the sea or air, they know that the ships are totally in our Mother Goddess hands and identify the ships as feminine just as a form of protection.

They know the power of the feminine on our planet and the whole protection that the feminine and all that’s good gets from our Mother Goddess.

Thanks for reading my point of view and best of omen in finding your answers.

We know that there is only one truth, so I am sure I will meet those who find the right answer at that same point… before too long 😉

Love, and do what you like.

I am Cristina.