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Going with or against the flow?


Dairy UK
Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board UK

Dear all at Dairy UK and the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board,

I have just read an article about you planning a huge campaign as a counter attack to the vegan activists and activity.

This matter it is not one between two social groups, the vegans and the diary farmers, it is a planetary one. And it is not a matter of tastes or trends in food either, it is a matter of consciousness.

We are living the biggest times of transformation on our planet, and in this process every single living being/entity, including the planet herself, is rising their level of consciousness.

That is in fact a stage of evolution for is part of our evolutionary process, but at the same time this is actually a restoration process for we are getting back to our original state of consciousness, a superior one.

The vegan thing it is not a temporary trend or a fuss.

It is an organic part of this planetary process.

Once we elevate our level of consciousness, we get aware of the welfare of those around us and relearn/remember how to live according to the authentic universal laws that govern actually our planet, and we haven’t been aware of in more than several THOUSANDS years.

We relearn and remember how to live a life in harmony and perfect connection with all that Nature is, re-becoming part of her, not longer her exploiter.

I am absolutely sure that many of you aren’t in the same good relationship with religion as you were 10 or even 5 years ago.

That is also an organic part of the elevation of our level of consciousness, which in essence means truth coming up and making us not to resonate any longer with what we have been told (programmed)  for centuries in schools and churches, in family, communities or at radio and TV.

Well, it is just the same with this eating ‘trend’. We become more and more aware of the truths related to food industry and pharmaceutical industry, we get more and more in tune with our bodies, which keep up with our level of consciousness, we understand truths and facts about health and also about our original eating habits… BECAUSE BELIEVE IT OR NOT AND LIKE IT OR NOT, IN THE BEGINNING WE DIDN’T USE TO EAT ANY MEATS OR DIARY. ANIMALS WERE OUR FRIENDS AND FELLOWS IN NATURE, NOT OUR FOOD AS WELL.

What we call nowadays ‘humankind’ is actually full human in appearance only.

Throughout the utterly turbulent history of humanity we had at least two times when human DNA was ABUSIVELY mixed with alien DNA, and a single verse from the bible explains us concisely a lot about all that:

“Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”  Genesis 6:4

The habits of eating meats and diary come from them. And nowadays we not only consume diary, but also eat nearly all sorts of meats… for if we keep dogs as pets, the Asians find them delicious, if we respect and admire dolphins, the Japanese kill them in festivals, if the Indians keep cows as holy, we devour them and so on and on.

How about cannibalism?!

If you start researching about all I have said so far, please do make too a short enquiry into how much tolerated and practised cannibalism is in certain countries and in certain group of individuals all around the world.

And that is not human habit for sure, as much as Jesus never said anything even close to ‘eat this bread for it is my body and drink this wine for it is my blood’.

That is just a cannibalistic ritual we were conned into believing it is allegedly a sacred one.

You may find most of all I have said here as extreme and not credible, but I find quite extreme how many of you have refused to open to the truth and chose to remain stuck in ‘traditions’.

So, instead of spending £1.2 million on going against the flow – if you do all that in good faith and not manipulated by big organisations from behind – I would like to kindly suggest you to try to research a bit on where about the flow is going and then go with it.

And that means instead of using that financial resource for fighting, to spend it with diary farmers who understand that is time to change the farms of animals for vegetables gardens, berries plantations or seeds and cereals cultivation.

Hoping that all the above have made some question marks rise in places, I thank you for the time you have spent reading my message and wish us all be in the true light and love.

Lots of true inspiration everyone!!!

I am Cristina.


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