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The victory is ours


I published the below mentioned message on the blog of a channeler and apparently lightworker called Suzanne Lie.


The message is very important for all parties, so I am sharing it with you all here too.

Keep CALM, awake and aware and also in true love and light as THE VICTORY IS OURS.

Cristina x


Dear All,

I have read Suzanne’s message and all the comments… and considering them, my comment is very likely to be seen / received like a huge meteor plunging into a very calm lake… not because my intention is to create such reaction or situation, but because the matter at hand is probably the most sensitive and trickiest at the moment.

So, I would like to kindly invite all of you to give a 5D approach to my message, to keep your reaction on the middle way and not let your mind to get you instantly overwhelmed with anger and rejection, but to give a chance to your Higher Selves and hearts to feel this through.

I recommend you to read my message and then completely detach from what you have read, letting to come back to you what is meant for you to come only.

It is not only that I transmit to that so called ‘Galactic Family’ that they are not welcome on Gaia (including her space) any longer but at the same time I ORDER TO THEM to acknowledge the below-linked message and comply with it immediately:

I am absolutely sure that lots of you sense that something is wrong with our ascension and feel the pressure of the delay more and more on your shoulders.

This is because so many love and light seekers (lightworkers) have approached this process through their minds – by practising meditation and yoga – and not going through the heart by practising kindness and self-awareness, while keeping fully vigilant to all that is happening around us, and fell as victims of the dark ones by being conned into believing their ‘truth’.


Like most of you know already, our planet was invaded and then kept under the tight control by some dark races (originally our light fellows whom at some point chose to experience darkness and cut themselves off the Source) long, long time ago.

We have been kept here – within their matrix – like in a quarantine, with no awareness of or real contact with what truly exists within us, on our planet, into our Universe and other Universes.

They knew the process of our awakening is coming and cannot be stopped because is a natural one, so they started to prepare themselves and us for this.

They didn’t want us to wake up and open to the real truth, so they started to wake us up to THEIR TRUTH. Some of their ‘pioneers’ are Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Icke, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey   and the likes of them and then also those who became channellers just like you Suzanne, like Blossom Godchild and so, so many.

Before this awakening process, responsible for our spiritual guidance were mostly the religious teaching, which as most of you know by now, couldn’t lead us more astray from spiritual evolution and REAL inner peace, offering us FALSE AND FUTILE HOPE only, because they were solely designed to control our minds through fear – starting with the fear for god – not lead us to the light.

“13All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance, admitting that they were foreigners and strangers on earth.14People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own. 15If they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had opportunity to return. 16Instead, they were longing for a better country—a heavenly one….”  / Hebrew 11:13-16

Apart from the starseeds – who are volunteers of light coming to help us, but at the same time do exist amongst them so many dark souls programmed to preach love and light – there are us, the OM race (human race) who pass through the stage of not feeling Gaia our home any longer for the invaders made it the   h e l l    meanwhile.

The religious teachings were based on misinformation and twisted truth mixed with a small proportion of truth, that little something which resonated with our souls and acted as the hook we were ‘fished’ with, whereas the new age ‘teachings’ are based on a lot of truth and a small proportion of misinformation, which also acts like a hook by which we are pulled in any direction they want because we are too mesmerised by the avalanche of truth that came upon us.

We, the true OM race, the legitimate inhabitants of our dearest Gaia – divine and sovereign beings – and the only ones truly in charge on her, have been so brave and have grown so strong and powerful in our true rights, that made the implementation of the NWO (new world order) impossible  for them.

So, they had to find other solution to keep us within their truth and that is a second matrix they apparently constructed and have in place now.

I strongly feel this is the reason everything has been delayed in our process.

The arcturians, pleiadians and all the other who claim so, ARE NOT OUR ‘FATHERS’… THE ONES WHO CREATED US.

They are just those who genetically engineered our race in order to suit their needs and meet their interests. They deactivated 10 strands from the total of our 12 DNA strands and also mixed our DNA with theirs, see Genesis 6:4 for more details and if you wish, further info on my blog.

I know, all I say sounds strange, if not even shocking and scaring all together, but like I said, please treat the information with full detachment as it will work by itself on the right ones only and pass by the others.

My words are alive, for the truth is not only words but swords as well, and they cast light even into the darkest of the dark.

Suzanne, as you will see in the message from the above link, I previously ordered to all the entities that manifest as extreme weather on our planet to leave it as soon as possible and this morning I have learned from the news about Storm Nate. When you channel my messages to the Galactic ‘Family’ and all the others you are able to channel to, please transmit them TO AVOID AT ANY EXPENSE TO MESS WITH MY ORDERS AND THAT APART FROM ALL I ORDERED PREVIOUSLY, IO Cristina – in the name of our Mother Goddess, in the name of Gaia and in the name of my own Highest Self – ADD THE FOLLOWINGS (TO MY PREVIOUS ORDERS):


* those entities / energies that manifest as banking and money investment system, including money printing and minting;

* those entities / energies that manifest as military weapons and equipment, including nuclear weapons;

* those entities / energies that manifest as any chemical substances that greatly harm OM race (humankind), the planet and life on our planet, I mean specifically all drugs and substances who affect our youth and adult population such as drugs and highly harmful medication and all the chemicals used in chemtrails, water poisoning and food industry.

* those entities / energies that manifest as religions and all their system, no matter what sort of religion is;

* those entities / energies that manifest as any of the monarchic, presidential and government system all over the planet;

* those entities / energies that manifest as ‘science’ and all its system; (as we come to new and valid understandings of what is called science and evolution)

Like I said, the above mentioned just add to my previous orders.

Also, in my initial order of eviction, I ordered to any type of weather condition that do not belong to Gaia to stop existing and manifesting and also leave the planet immediately… that is too valid for cold or too high temperatures, snow, thunderstorms, lighting, high humidity and all that is not specific to our planet’s whether conditions, which in real are very mild, sunny, warm constant weather conditions.

All my orders are valid for the entities who manifest directly as destructive, deceiving and controlling forces, those who facilitate them and those who control them, to all in the same measure.

All my orders come into force with immediate effect and are valid in each and every corner of Gaia, either is on her, above her or inside her.

Special warnings to those involved in the control and function of the matrixes and also in highjacking the love and light energies and codes: STOP MESSING AROUND AND WITH THIS ORDERS!!! … all for your own good.

Dear Suzanne and all the channelers, I would like to thank you for your contributions towards the spiritual evolution and awakening of OM / human race, but from this very moment on you do not serve any longer our highest interests and are very openly and friendly requested to analyse and reconsider your position, either go with them or truly purify and reconnect with the true light.

Thank you all.

We all – on, above and inside the planet – are and are in the true love, light and wisdom. So I let it be, all in this NOW.

I am Cristina / IO sunt Cristina.


PS   Image: The peak of our Mother Goddess. Love, Cristina