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I haven’t got the smallest idea on how  paleoanthropologists have  accepted  throughout the history  the theory according to which modern humans may be solely descended from Africans, because I had been busy living my life and pursuing less ‘scientific’ topics until about five years ago.

Not to say that nobody ever has come forward to contest ‘the holy scriptures’ that claim creation of the world happened some 6,000 years ago. More precisely 5,778 years ago because according to Jewish calendar we are in the AM 5778 (anno mundi) for they were apparently ‘wiser’ and started counting the years ‘from the creation of the world’.

Highly embarrassing and ridiculous really, but this is what humans have believed over millennia and still hold as true and holy in these very present days.

Just a small proof of how tightly controlled is the ‘scientific’ world and work are the facts that although found around 1961 in Morocco the ages of some Homo Sapiens skulls were published only in 2007, and they range between 160,000 and 195,000 years old.

Then in the summer of this year, 2017 we were informed that the researchers have redated a long-overlooked skull from a cave also from Morocco to about 300,000 years ago. The result is believed to be  ‘the oldest well-dated evidence of Homo sapiens, pushing back the appearance of our kind by 100,000 years’.

Then we have the case of a skull found in China, which is in fact what prompted me to write this material today.

Well, it was discovered in 1978 in the Deli County of China and is dating back from 260,000 years ago, but ‘scientists’ only started to make a buzz about not that solely African origin of modern humans only a couple of days ago.

Like it or not, we are on the verge of having the history of human race rewritten for it seems that the modern human DNA comes from both, Africa and Asia :)))

Personally, can’t be any longer bothered about what ‘scientists’ say but I have made this introduction just as a helping parallel to what is my truth about human history and human origin.

And by the way, human should be called ‘uman’ for the letter ‘H’ is a coded letter which was introduced by the old Hebrew and Hindu (both direct descendants of reptilian races that invaded our planet) in lots of words belonging to English language, which was later made international language.This is the reason why in Spanish language for example, the letter ‘h’ is mute, completely silent… they knew there is something wrong with it.

If you look at lots of English words containing letter ‘h’ you will see that it is there for no reason, because doesn’t influence the pronunciation or just  complicates things for no reason like in the case of ‘ph’ = ‘f’… when ‘f’ could be simply ‘f’… but ‘f’ is also the symbol for ‘female’ and they simply  didn’t want words like ‘philosophy’ or ‘philosopher’ to start with the same letter as female does 😉 They intended to keep women so far ways from thinking for not even in the language wanted they to see the two linked together :)))

And that is of course, because they so well knew the power of a woman’s mind and women in general on our planet and that all the wisdom of the world doesn’t come from men or male philosophers, but from Sofia, which is other name for The Holy Spirit (amongst others, the symbol of wisdom in ‘scriptures’). The Holy Spirit is in fact the true primordial Source of all that was, has been and will be and is actually our Mother Goddess.

The golden ratio ‘phi’ – correctly ‘fi’ – which is the pattern all that was, has been and will be made  has its origin in Sofia as well, of course… which is kind of stamp of creation… Sophia =  ‘So be it’ because in Romanian language – WHICH IS THE PRIMORDIAL LANGUAGE – ‘to be’ is ‘a fi’.

I won’t make this article even longer by explaining why Romanian language (the ancestor of it actually) is the primordial language for somebody a lot more entitled than me did it a couple of years ago, and that was Miceal Ledwith, a beautiful soul who was so determined in pursuing the truth throughout his life – at the cost of his own life eventually – and gave us magnificent pieces of true human history.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank so dearly to the beautiful soul that was in the person of late Miceal Ledwith, wherever he may be at this time… I cannot thank enough to you, Miceal for all the invaluable contributions you made to the evolution and liberation of human race!!! I thank you and I send you so much love indeed!!!!!!

Miceal Ledwith: Nu limba română este o limbă lati…:

Because we talk about human history, correctly istory and in Romanian istorie, I have to say that they made istory into history – his story, the story of him in other words – just to mark in some other way the newly forcefully introduced patriarchy.

And for the rest of our story we remain in the territory between Carpathian Mountains, Danube and the Black Sea or what we know as Romania nowadays for it isn’t only the origin of primordial language, but also the hearth of human race as well.

Yes, indeed… however weird, undocumented and unproven this is so far 😉

‘Scientists’ may claim that our ancestors came from both Africa and Asia, but Europe isn’t called the Old Continent for nothing, and even if someone looks at our appearance could easily say that something is rotten about the African-Asian theory.

Definite thing, human race hasn’t been around for just 6,000 years, not even for 300,000 years as they recently stated.

We have been here for millions and millions of years, and we were originally superior multidimensional beings of light with 12 DNA strands.

How we got to be these little robots with only 2 active DNA strands and the rest of 10 deactivated and called ‘junk DNA’ I have previously told my version of truth in other articles of my blog. It has to do with the reptilians for that is why the tiny bit of brain we can use nowadays (10% of brain’s total capacity) is called… the reptilian brain. Just a little clue.

Everything about human race started on the adjacent territory of the primordial water of Leuce Lake / The White Lake, nowadays the Black Sea, which was originally a fresh water lake. To this days is officially known that beneath the Black Sea it is world’s 4th largest freshwater lake.

When the last genetically mutations on human race were carried out by our reptilian invaders, what we know as the great flood of Noah was brought upon that territory in order to wipe out any evidence of the old. Waters from Tethys Sea were made to inundate the Leuce Lake.

From the previous territory we only have nowadays the Snake Island or Serpent Island, previously called Leuce Island (the White Island, also known as the Holy Island)… but as the serpent broke down the whole order and harmony (armonie in Romanian) in the Garden of Eden, he gave his name to it too. The serpent just being the symbol of the two reptilian races that invaded and controlled our planet… till these days.

The Snake Island was a Romanian territory, but than went under the Soviet Union and then Ukrainian ownership, so to call it.

The characteristics of the Leuce Lake are found today only in the water of Baikal Lake from Russia, and in order to keep this material of a relatively convenient length I will let the ones of you interested to find out about this lake for yourself (please just click on the name of lake).

It is not only world’s oldest and deepest and amongst the clearest lakes (if not the clearest), but also more than 80% of the animals are endemic.

The most important and renowned symbol of Baikal Lake is a fish called ‘omul’, an endemic whitefish… which can’t be other than white for originally comes from the White Lake. It is also an important source of income for the locals.

In Romanian ‘om’ means ‘human’ and ‘omul’ is the articulated form ot it, ‘the human’.

It is also well known that ‘om’ is a sacred sound, an icon in Hinduism and the most powerful mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism and some other religions alike.

Now I hope you understand why.

Om / human is the supreme and most powerful condition one can attain on our planet.

Some of us receive it by birth (although we haven’t been aware of it so far) but for some others – because they have reptilian or other random origins – it was invented the Order of Merit, which gives its members the name, but not the quality, of OM… of course, it is mainly about British ‘monarchy’ (and their protégées) who know the best these sacred secrets and their importance.

Anyway, after that land was  flooded, the Axis Mundi / The Tree of Life and its corresponding energy moved up in the mountains, on the Bucegi Plateau, also in Romania.

Over there we have the Bucura Peak, which previously was known as Lady’s Peak (Varful Doamnei) where resides the actual Tree of Life energy and next to it there is Omu Peak, omu being the popular form of the articulated omul… So, instead of ‘omul’ in the old days people used to say simply ‘omu’… kind of walkin’ instead of walking and so on.

Also ‘a bucura’ is ‘to enjoy’ and ‘bucurie’ is ‘joy’… so nowadays name of the peak isn’t that far from the really for that is not only the Source of life, but also the Source of joy at the same time.

As we look to the natural Carpathian Sphinx (Sfinx) from Bucura Peak, at its left side we have the Omu Peak and at the right side it is situated Gavanu Peak.

Gavan (articulated gavanu’) in Romanian means the hollow part in something, including the place where the eye ball is situated… I also mean the symbol of the holy eye, Illuminati made their own.

In this case is the symbol of the hollow part of a woman’s body, the vagina.

So that we have the Bucura Peak as the Tree of Life and symbol of our Mother Goddess, the Primordial Source and her two primordial twins represented by Gavanu Peak as the feminine part, in other representation Gaia/Earth and Omu Peak as the masculine part, in other representation the Sun.

Together and in any of the other representations of theirs, including in human bodies for the twins, they form the true Holy Trinity.

The last know human form of the twins were those we know as Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and they were husband and wife indeed, both equal in holiness, wisdom and powers.

They are the goddess and god who incarnate every 666 years  to help humans to discover and fully reach their divine potential in order to find their way back home (acasa in Romanian, which is the root of Hindu Akasha) and become godesses and gods themselves.

Phew… I think this is all I had to say about this important piece of topic 🙂

I don’t know how coherent I have been – the subject is so vast and spreads onto such wide span of time and many domains – and I don’t know how many of you and how well you got to follow me right until this point, but I know I have done my best in making this a material that could be understand by many.

I do not claim it is the absolute truth, because it has to be confirmed in a way or other, but it is MY TRUTH in respect of human origin, and I strongly believe in it.

I don’t know how enjoyable it has been as a reading and how many of you would resonate with such new and unexpected links, but I can assure you that you have just read an utterly original theory on human origin, which by far is more valuable than any conspiracy theories and  channelled information we find on internet nowadays.

If you are one of the few who got to be with me this far in the article, that means you are one of those meant to read it at this point in your evolution.

Many thanks for all the efforts you have put into your spiritual journey – I know it on my own skin that it’s been far from smooth – and also for stopping by today.

We are there already. The only thing is that is taking a bit of time until it comes into manifestation on our timeline, most probably because of the newly constructed matrix… And that is so annoying, I know and I know it well, but I can assure you that the victory is ours, the true light and love have won back their places on our planet and are here to stay forever in this continuous now.

So, whatever may come in the next period (from the other side I mean), JUST KEEP CALM,  GROUNDED and…

Love, and do what you like 🙂

I am Cristina / IO sint Cristina