The essence of life


Life is meant to be a joy and so it was until a point in human history when ‘sons of god’ came along.

It got even a lot worse when they decided ‘to bring’ god along too, some 2,000 years ago.

They needed a strong hand for they knew our awakening is coming and wanted to ‘prepare’ us for that.

They invented the three main organised religions – christianity, islam and judaism – and started to impose them on people – forcing people to give up their original faith and destroying their temples.

The main goal was to divide people so they became easier to be controlled and made to obey, mainly through fear.

They used to control people by war, but ‘the business’ became too expensive – they ran out of money – so they had to find a more viable solution.

And they found it, as we till this days fight each other in the name of religion.

This and many, many other vile things have made our lives a nightmare here on Earth, a continuous suffering and struggle, and with us suffers and struggles Earth herself too.

Things were made complicated.

But to make our lives easy and so enjoyable again, we should understand the simple rules of life.

Two of them are as follows:

1/ We should have one single goal in life. It is not an one-off one, but a permanent, an ongoing one, and that is TO BE HAPPY.

We should strive to achieve that every second, every day, all days of our lives, but without bothering, upsetting or harming anyone around us.


2/ We have mainly two duties, two main things are asked of us: PASSION and COMPASSION.

To put all the passion in all you decide to get involved in and to show compassion everywhere around you, to any form of life, starting with planet herself, but except vile people, for those should just be ignored.

In other words, all is asked of us is to be permanently happy and permanently in love (in general, not only with a person)… from that state we can get all the things right 😉

That’s way I always tell you…

Love, and do what you like. 🙂


Thanks for your time.

I am Cristina.

The huge dark power of the word ‘no’




I have known for some time by now, that we should focus on what we want rather than what we do not want, and all that because the Universe doesn’t have a blueprint for the energy of ‘no’… Is not from here and consequently can’t recognise it. But I have never known why though.


Tonight I got the explanation and there it is… 🙂


Because the word ‘no’ can’t be recognised, all that we send to the Universe with a ‘no’ in front of it, goes together with the energy of those who want it, and amplifies that energy so that gets materialised quicker… and altogether against our real will.


That is because the Universe isn’t anything fix or stiff, but in permanent change and expansion… TO MAKE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.


Remember things like ‘Say no to war’?  ‘No regrets’? ‘Don’t look back with anger’?


That’s revealed now!!! Dream the biggest and say it the right way now!!!


Let’s make the Universe work for us again!!! 🙂


Love, and do what you like.


With lots of love and light to you all!!!


All Now

I am Cristina 💜

Same old words, new understandings

I said these things I am about to say here and there, every now and then, but watching a video of a brilliant young man  (13 years in age) on Facebook today and the vivid debate that was triggered by his statements, made me want to have a say in that very constructive discussion.


Because is impossible to concisely put in a Facebook comment something that hasn’t put together for centuries, I decided that a blog post is more convenient, especially when you didn’t share anything on your blog for ages… Like I did in the last period of time. Sorry to all my followers.


Maxwell, by his name, explains in a short video that god is energy –  talks about some other things too, but that’s the main topic.


I totally agree with him and add some other aspects here-below.


Just to be clear, this is my Universal Truth and I do not call it your Universal Truth also or try to get supporters of it, for each one has to decide for themselves.


The Primordial Source (we used to call her god) is a conscious form and source of energy and so we are, for we were made in her image and likeliness – on this bit organised religions are correct.


“In her image” for we are in fact our souls – and we get a vehicle to be able to function when we come on Earth, our body – and “in her likeliness” for we are given divine potential when we are born as souls.


It depends on our choices from some age on, if we make the most of our potential or not.


We can call her energy, her spirit and our energy as souls is called spirit too… that’s why sometimes we are in higher spirits than other times… sometimes we have more of her energy/spirit, other times we have less of it.


Her energy/spirit is in everyone and everything on Earth and is everyone and everything on Earth…from our bodies to our thoughts, emotions and words, from our house to our clothes and cars, everything is energy.


In our – nearly former – dimension (for we are transitioning to higher dimensions / state of consciousness) the material world is kind of dense, condensated energy.


The higher in dimension/consciousness we get, the lighter/less dense we will be.


The Source’ energy is what we call love. That’s why on Earth the highest energy is love, and that’s why love always creates things, doesn’t destroy things.


Because she is the Primordial Source she has the purest form of energy, the purest love… THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE… the love that means 110% dedication but without attachment and hurting.


We use to call that form of supreme energy/consciousness, the Christ Consciousness.


Its a tricky name, makes you think of Christ, so wrongly credits  Christianity more than the other organised religions – in fact all religions, big or small, are crap – but actually comes from CRISTAL / CRYSTAL the purest form of everything… for that’s why we call “crystal clear” when we want to express the maximum of understanding, purity etc.


The state when we are able to absorb the most of Source’ energy is when we are in the middle of it, so to say, literally when we are IN LOVE. That’s why we feel in high spirits when in love, for we have more of Source energy/spirit, and that’s why life feels easier and everything easier to achieve.


The way we can multiply and expand Source’ energy in our life and world is by literally MAKING LOVE.


That’s why we see all those sex scenes in ancient art (like  Hindu temples)… that is the correct way of worshipping the Source.


But be very careful though, the correct way of worshipping the Source is kept secret over centuries but those temples and other proofs are not destroyed!!! Why?!


Because they are from times when humanity was already deceived and are meant to MISINFORM us for they depict sex making not LOVE making, they depict manly orgies, where people have sex not make love and is both, heterosexual and homosexual.


That’s not the truth. Multiplying Source’ energy is making love, so lots of the purest feelings involved and in between a woman and a man only. No homosexuality, no orgies.


Now getting back to Christ Consciousness and Jesus Christ, there is a genuine link between them indeed though for the last humans who attained the Christ Consciousness were Jesus and his other half, we know her by the name of Mary Magdalene… who knows what their real name were?…and if they lived some 2000 years ago or their story is inspired by older facts?!


The second coming of Jesus Christ means the return of Christ Consciousness on Earth – like I said the highest and purest form of consciousness – so the times when a woman and a man will get separately to that level of consciousness and then they get together to bring the truth/light back on Earth.




The Source’ energy is neutral for she gave  us the free will, full freedom. That’s why we polarise it when gets on Earth, either positive or negative.


The Source herself is a balance of feminine and masculine energy for that’s the state in which creation takes place, but she is of feminine traits.


Don’t ask me why for I do not know, probably simply was her choice as a Prime Creator.


Here on Earth, she transferred her power to (empowered) women… Give a woman a viable spermatozoid and she makes a baby. Give a man a viable egg and he makes… 🙂


Although in every woman there is a man and in every man there is a  woman, only the balanced state of a woman and a man can create, either a baby or simply just primordial energy to help them live the life they desire.


And although she is the empowered one here on Earth, a woman can’t take the specie further, can’t have babies on her own.


That is because full balance was intended on Earth and we are getting back to it.


Just a little note here… either women or men can multiply the primordial energy on their own, by making love to themselves, by masturbating… in other words.


Now back to the Primordial Source… in the Universe she is what scientists call Dark Matter and her energy/spirit is the Dark Energy. Both are phenomenons that still puzzle the science and always will as long as we try to understand them using the brain intelligence instead of the intelligence of our hearts… still so little talked about this intelligence of heart!!!


In celestial form the Primordial Source is represented by the Moon… some Islamic states still retained the Moon as their state symbol, on flags etc… see Turkish flag for example.


On Earth, the Primordial Source is represented by Water, which like the Dark Matter in the Universe, covers more than 70% from the total on our planet.


And also more than 70% water we are when we are born and we come from water as well… the amniotic fluid.


Needless to say that no life is possible without water on Earth.


In a state of normal functioning, everything is limitless on our Universe, there are endless possibilities and this is showed by the Flower of Life and depends on how we want to expand our consciousness.


Unfortunately things weren’t in a normal state of functioning here on our planet for some thousand years, but luckily we are just getting out that state and no one and nothing can stop us now.


All these things could be explained by science as well in a way or other (Fibonacci code is just an example) but that is for someone passionate about numbers who doest take it to a higher level but just explains it in other way.


The authentic things on our planet are simple, not reserved only to scientists to understand them, and sometimes, if we are not open enough, education can hinder us from understanding them… for we get stuck on relaying on what we have been told rather than what we experience and in using our brain intelligence instead of heart intelligence when try to comprehend important things.


This bit the Little Prince explains it a lot better than me, so get that little book and read it again if necessary 🙂


I can only add this trailer and with it conclude my statements, letting you feel and judge them for yourself:


Divine Women Trailer:


Thank you for your time.

Love, and do what you like.

I am Cristina.

To the British (and the Commonwealth) people

Dear British (and the Commonwealth) people,

You celebrate the 90th birthday of the one you know as your Queen these days, many of you cheerfully.

…cheerfully because at the core of your heart you still believe in what you are told about the queen, about how attached she is to her country and people and about how devoutly she serves them.

It is all so fine, as everyone is free to believe and act according to their own free will, but if you would stop a little from this frenzy and look with an open mind at some facts, not words, then you may feel like putting things right in this respect.

Those facts I would like to bring to your attention now are three photographs the Buckingham Palace has released with this occasion.

In case you have not seen them yet, then you find them here:

There are things to point out in each of them, but I would like to talk about one of them only and then, if you wish you could analyse the other two yourself… for I do not want to take too much of your time with this reading.

I would like to talk about the one of the queen and her only daughter, Anne.

What is remarkable about this picture is how strong the bond between these two people has grown in more than 65 years of mother-daughter relationship that not even in such milestone picture, Anne does not feel like getting her arm around her mother…but just resting it on the sofa, behind the queen ha ha

In these circumstances, I wonder why they did not just sat next to each other, as William and his wife, Kate usually do…for they are ‘so fond’ of each other, but you never see them holding hands or displaying any genuine sign of affection – they are just like the officials of two different countries at all the time.

Well, the answer to my above mentioned question is obvious… for if we look at the three of those photographs we see how hardly they (the PR team) tried to show and emphasis a side of the queen that practically does not exist – her human side.

All the three pictures are only children, dogs and ‘natural’ mother – daughter relationship…details that catch your eye and melt your heart (or at least touch it)…for the queen is ‘so like any of you’ 🙂

By the way, where Prince Philip is?!…at such age and after such long marriage shared together one would think that you like your consort by your side…

Sorry for you, Philip but you would have not scored as many touched hearts as the children, dogs and the other picture did.

What shall I say…when you do things artificially you do fail making them look all naturally 😉

It is ridiculous how they stubbornly believe they can still full all of us with their propaganda.

So, while the queen fails to make her own and only daughter feel close to her, not even for a milestone picture like this, how would you believe that she is able of genuinely being fond of her country and other Commonwealth realms, and their people?!

It is all just draconic magic and meticulously crafted propaganda, but you just judge it for yourself for I am sure that an open, alert and aware heart will see it.

…before that though, I would like to share with you one of my other truths: money, religion and social classes are human inventions, NOT CREATIONS…for I like to believe that you do not think that The One who created us loved one more and made her a queen and other less and made her a ‘dirty rascal’ :)))

No, no, no…of course not.

WE ARE ALL EQUAL, same rights, same duties, same divine potential, same chances to fulfill that potential.

The difference was artificially made by some very agile and vile individuals at some point.

The good news is…their masks are all crumbling under the pressure of Light, our Light.

Thank you for remaining with me up this point and Be Light 🙂

I am Cristina



PS As I was typing it a bit earlier, I realised how much truth the word ‘consort’ says…a consort just sort of cons their wife/husband to believe they are their other half :))


The present is a present / gift and we should cherish it for what it is, the best present ever…but the present is something that is pre-sent as well…a present that we pre-sent ourselves at some point in the past.

And with this new consideration at heart, I believe that the sooner we understand to get in harmony with whatever comes our way the brighter the future is.

The more we fight to change whatever doesn’t feel right in our present, the more fight and unrest we project on our future and eventually the more fight and unrest comes our way in the future.

Be good to yourself, be in harmony with whatever you pre-sent to you in the past, so the effect of that is neutralised and the harmony becomes your PRESENT 🙂

…haven’t been around here in a quite long while and missed it but probably I was busy ‘rearranging’ the present in a distant past and pre-sent to me all that busy-ness for what has been the present in the past a couple of months… I wish I would understand those who say that the spiritual path is an easy going one for didn’t feel so over here… I think that whatever comes up to be understood or purified can’t be a light thing at all the time, if any of the times 🙂

Thank you so much for your time.

Keep in harmony!!!

I am Cristina


PS   I feel that really before too long we get to understand that business is just busy(i)-ness, with a different pronunciation, in other words uselessness and switch the importance from whatever means busi(y)ness to whatever means happiness to us, as souls 🙂


The fish rots from the head down

I am getting through some quite difficult times – sometimes they succeed in keeping me busy with some other things – but I had the very nice surprise to find a BBC documentary available again on YouTube and just wanted to share it with those of you new around here.

It is the absolutely brilliant Divine women – when god was a girl…

Originally the documentary has three episodes of about one hour each and they were all available on YouTube until the system realised that they say too much truth and removed them all at some point, quite a while ago.

The one available now is the first episode only, was posted two days ago and will stay there until… they find it and remove it again, of course.

So, anyone looking for the root cause of the immense suffering of and on our planet is kindly invited to watch this documentary as soon as possible.

The quicker we understand the fish rots from the head down the sooner we all get cured – planet, people, nature.

This primordial truth has always been said by the Bible too, but in the hurry of our rat race we only saw what we were told. Jeremiah 44:17-18 reads as follows:

“17 We will certainly do everything we said we would: we will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. 18 But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have had nothing and have been perishing by sword and famine.”

Now you judge for yourself.

Love, light and inspiration to all of you. Thank you for your time.

I am Cristina 🙂