The huge dark power of the word ‘no’




I have known for some time by now, that we should focus on what we want rather than what we do not want, and all that because the Universe doesn’t have a blueprint for the energy of ‘no’… Is not from here and consequently can’t recognise it. But I have never known why though.


Tonight I got the explanation and there it is… 🙂


Because the word ‘no’ can’t be recognised, all that we send to the Universe with a ‘no’ in front of it, goes together with the energy of those who want it, and amplifies that energy so that gets materialised quicker… and altogether against our real will.


That is because the Universe isn’t anything fix or stiff, but in permanent change and expansion… TO MAKE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.


Remember things like ‘Say no to war’?  ‘No regrets’? ‘Don’t look back with anger’?


That’s revealed now!!! Dream the biggest and say it the right way now!!!


Let’s make the Universe work for us again!!! 🙂


Love, and do what you like.


With lots of love and light to you all!!!


All Now

I am Cristina 💜


A message to the White House and their response

In my “Please say NO to the war US! World, please say NO to the war!” post I said  I will also post one of the messages I sent to the White House and their response.

Well, I have been just about to have nothing to post for “their response” part simply… because I did not find the message in my Inbox any longer lol

I have looked for it everywhere, in other folders and searched by all sorts of key words but was no way I could possibly find it. And I am not surprised, my mail account is hacked into, my laptop and mobile phone too, even this WordPress account is not too far away from these sort of problems.

For instance, on WordPress website when I want to log in and I enter the password I firstly have an error that reads “ERROR: The password you entered for the email or username alwaysloveandtruth is incorrect. Lost your password?” (even though I enter the correct password very carefully).

 Then I enter the same correct password the second time and everything is alright. For me that says I actually log in through “a special way” that probably is more carefully monitored – I do not have access to my account through the normal log in page but have to have that error first in order a special log in page to be generated for me.

However, I do not much bother about all these things, we are all monitored in a way or other and more than that we have been all controlled for some 2,000 years. Would be a waste of time and energy to try to keep responsible someone for these things that happen in my life. They will not be tolerated for much longer on this planet. United in love we will help planet Earth to restore and then things like these will be just history.

I was just a little cross with myself because I did not have a back up. Considering the current circumstance I should have anticipated that a thing like this is likely to happen if I try to use that message somehow.

The good thing is I actually forwarded that message to someone at one point and found it in my Sent items folder. But for reasons that have nothing to do with me, I did not find the message in full and the person I forwarded it to has his mail account blocked at the moment.

The bit that is missing is exactly the bottom of the message, the last phrase and the name. Once again, I am not surprised by that though. Are you?! lol

Anyway, I think I am wasting my time and yours talking about these things so much. What is important to me is what I tell to the system and to the behind the system, not their responses. And I hope you see things the same way.

So, please find here-below the message I sent to the White House somewhere at the beginning of June this year:


To those behind White House Administration,

 RE: Do you remember the word pacifism?

 I sent this message to FWD last night but I do not know how fast it could get to you, so there it is!!

 Thank you!


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: my email address
To: “” <>
Sent: Sunday, June 2, 2013 10:30 PM
Subject: Do you remember the word pacifism?


Dear FWD staff, supporters and friends,

 Undoubtedly your initiative towards  “Comprehensive immigration reform that allows for the hiring of the best and brightest.” – among other goals – is a good one in my opinion, but the road does not start there and US has become a power without power actually nowadays. That has happen just because you do not know what to do with the power, just to say it bluntly.

 And it is not a surprise Americans do not know what to do with the power for the simple reason that if we look at the picture of our big family of this world, the American nation is the youngest rebel child. Why…you may wonder? Well, youngest because you are the youngest nation and rebel because you have no deep roots. Like any other rebel cadet, you are bright, fun, innovative etc but wisdom is NOT among your attributes I am afraid.

 And how could a leader successfully lead without wisdom? That is impossible and that is why you naturally and gradually lose power regardless any efforts and initiatives you have to keep “competitive” in the global economy or in other words to keep the lead, the power.

 Your initiative is great but it is not the one to get your country out of the dramatic economical decline it is going through at the moment. That is why I said that is not the point where the road starts or you should start from.

 The start is PEACE, as peace is the only environment that nurtures flourishing, in any respect. Consequently your war orientated thinking can lead you and this world – because you are the leaders – towards nothing good. And each of us can see this in every single path of life.

 Just a random example, you and your military partners fight terrorism. But what is the terrorism if not the unavoidable by-product of your Administration’s war orientated thinking???

 I do not know if any of you – from most senior Freemasons to the ordinary people – has got to feel it but PEACE is the only fundamental thing that is needed on this planet at the moment and with our without your co-operation Mother Nature will re-implement it on Earth! 

 Would be good if you would co-operate though because going against it, you only go against Mother Nature… as only someone lacking in wisdom would do.

 There are only a handful of measures that your organisation and, on the other hand, those behind the American Administration should consider and order as soon as possible, such as: 

 1/ immediate withdrawing of every foreign soldier from the territory of any state; 

 2/ nuclear disarmament of all the countries that hold nuclear weapons; 

 3/ cancellation of all military alliances and making this world function according to the “all for one and one for all” principle, as the effects of any military alliance are just like those of that tool invented by man and called RELIGION – they only bring division among us, who are all the same, each of us beautiful and valuable in their own way.

 So, to encapsulate all I said here-above in a few worlds: you, American leaders and nation as a whole, need to remember the word pacifism – to change the war thinking for THE PEACE THINKING. That is the beginning of the road, of the right road. Then everything will go smoothly, including a healthy immigration system.

 Why would you need to do that? Simple!! We need to WISELY think about what kind of world we leave to our children to inherit. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

 With best wishes,



And this is their response, that initially came signed by Barack Obama and then vanished from my Inbox and eventually I could restore in part only. I am sorry for any inconveniences.


my email address
Sent: Wed, Jul 10, 2013 20:42 EEST
Subject: Response to Your Message

Dear Cristina:

Thank you for taking the time to offer your comments.  When we make important decisions as a country, it necessarily leads to passionate debate.  These debates are a mark of our liberty, and I appreciate hearing diverse opinions from people across our Nation.

Despite our differences, most of us share common hopes for America’s future—opportunity for our children, security for our seniors, and the broad-based prosperity that stems from a rising, thriving middle class.  While we may disagree on how to get there, I remain committed to forging reasonable compromise where we can.  Together, we can strengthen our Union, safeguard our liberties, and restore the basic bargain at the heart of the American dream—the idea that if you work hard and meet your responsibilities, you can get ahead.



Love, and do what you like everybody! And please do not forget about love and pacifism – the planet Earth has started the transformation process and now it is up to us how soon we like to get to the much waited for final destination.

Thank you!