Same old words, new understandings

I said these things I am about to say here and there, every now and then, but watching a video of a brilliant young man  (13 years in age) on Facebook today and the vivid debate that was triggered by his statements, made me want to have a say in that very constructive discussion.


Because is impossible to concisely put in a Facebook comment something that hasn’t put together for centuries, I decided that a blog post is more convenient, especially when you didn’t share anything on your blog for ages… Like I did in the last period of time. Sorry to all my followers.


Maxwell, by his name, explains in a short video that god is energy –  talks about some other things too, but that’s the main topic.


I totally agree with him and add some other aspects here-below.


Just to be clear, this is my Universal Truth and I do not call it your Universal Truth also or try to get supporters of it, for each one has to decide for themselves.


The Primordial Source (we used to call her god) is a conscious form and source of energy and so we are, for we were made in her image and likeliness – on this bit organised religions are correct.


“In her image” for we are in fact our souls – and we get a vehicle to be able to function when we come on Earth, our body – and “in her likeliness” for we are given divine potential when we are born as souls.


It depends on our choices from some age on, if we make the most of our potential or not.


We can call her energy, her spirit and our energy as souls is called spirit too… that’s why sometimes we are in higher spirits than other times… sometimes we have more of her energy/spirit, other times we have less of it.


Her energy/spirit is in everyone and everything on Earth and is everyone and everything on Earth…from our bodies to our thoughts, emotions and words, from our house to our clothes and cars, everything is energy.


In our – nearly former – dimension (for we are transitioning to higher dimensions / state of consciousness) the material world is kind of dense, condensated energy.


The higher in dimension/consciousness we get, the lighter/less dense we will be.


The Source’ energy is what we call love. That’s why on Earth the highest energy is love, and that’s why love always creates things, doesn’t destroy things.


Because she is the Primordial Source she has the purest form of energy, the purest love… THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE… the love that means 110% dedication but without attachment and hurting.


We use to call that form of supreme energy/consciousness, the Christ Consciousness.


Its a tricky name, makes you think of Christ, so wrongly credits  Christianity more than the other organised religions – in fact all religions, big or small, are crap – but actually comes from CRISTAL / CRYSTAL the purest form of everything… for that’s why we call “crystal clear” when we want to express the maximum of understanding, purity etc.


The state when we are able to absorb the most of Source’ energy is when we are in the middle of it, so to say, literally when we are IN LOVE. That’s why we feel in high spirits when in love, for we have more of Source energy/spirit, and that’s why life feels easier and everything easier to achieve.


The way we can multiply and expand Source’ energy in our life and world is by literally MAKING LOVE.


That’s why we see all those sex scenes in ancient art (like  Hindu temples)… that is the correct way of worshipping the Source.


But be very careful though, the correct way of worshipping the Source is kept secret over centuries but those temples and other proofs are not destroyed!!! Why?!


Because they are from times when humanity was already deceived and are meant to MISINFORM us for they depict sex making not LOVE making, they depict manly orgies, where people have sex not make love and is both, heterosexual and homosexual.


That’s not the truth. Multiplying Source’ energy is making love, so lots of the purest feelings involved and in between a woman and a man only. No homosexuality, no orgies.


Now getting back to Christ Consciousness and Jesus Christ, there is a genuine link between them indeed though for the last humans who attained the Christ Consciousness were Jesus and his other half, we know her by the name of Mary Magdalene… who knows what their real name were?…and if they lived some 2000 years ago or their story is inspired by older facts?!


The second coming of Jesus Christ means the return of Christ Consciousness on Earth – like I said the highest and purest form of consciousness – so the times when a woman and a man will get separately to that level of consciousness and then they get together to bring the truth/light back on Earth.




The Source’ energy is neutral for she gave  us the free will, full freedom. That’s why we polarise it when gets on Earth, either positive or negative.


The Source herself is a balance of feminine and masculine energy for that’s the state in which creation takes place, but she is of feminine traits.


Don’t ask me why for I do not know, probably simply was her choice as a Prime Creator.


Here on Earth, she transferred her power to (empowered) women… Give a woman a viable spermatozoid and she makes a baby. Give a man a viable egg and he makes… 🙂


Although in every woman there is a man and in every man there is a  woman, only the balanced state of a woman and a man can create, either a baby or simply just primordial energy to help them live the life they desire.


And although she is the empowered one here on Earth, a woman can’t take the specie further, can’t have babies on her own.


That is because full balance was intended on Earth and we are getting back to it.


Just a little note here… either women or men can multiply the primordial energy on their own, by making love to themselves, by masturbating… in other words.


Now back to the Primordial Source… in the Universe she is what scientists call Dark Matter and her energy/spirit is the Dark Energy. Both are phenomenons that still puzzle the science and always will as long as we try to understand them using the brain intelligence instead of the intelligence of our hearts… still so little talked about this intelligence of heart!!!


In celestial form the Primordial Source is represented by the Moon… some Islamic states still retained the Moon as their state symbol, on flags etc… see Turkish flag for example.


On Earth, the Primordial Source is represented by Water, which like the Dark Matter in the Universe, covers more than 70% from the total on our planet.


And also more than 70% water we are when we are born and we come from water as well… the amniotic fluid.


Needless to say that no life is possible without water on Earth.


In a state of normal functioning, everything is limitless on our Universe, there are endless possibilities and this is showed by the Flower of Life and depends on how we want to expand our consciousness.


Unfortunately things weren’t in a normal state of functioning here on our planet for some thousand years, but luckily we are just getting out that state and no one and nothing can stop us now.


All these things could be explained by science as well in a way or other (Fibonacci code is just an example) but that is for someone passionate about numbers who doest take it to a higher level but just explains it in other way.


The authentic things on our planet are simple, not reserved only to scientists to understand them, and sometimes, if we are not open enough, education can hinder us from understanding them… for we get stuck on relaying on what we have been told rather than what we experience and in using our brain intelligence instead of heart intelligence when try to comprehend important things.


This bit the Little Prince explains it a lot better than me, so get that little book and read it again if necessary 🙂


I can only add this trailer and with it conclude my statements, letting you feel and judge them for yourself:


Divine Women Trailer:


Thank you for your time.

Love, and do what you like.

I am Cristina.


The fish rots from the head down

I am getting through some quite difficult times – sometimes they succeed in keeping me busy with some other things – but I had the very nice surprise to find a BBC documentary available again on YouTube and just wanted to share it with those of you new around here.

It is the absolutely brilliant Divine women – when god was a girl…

Originally the documentary has three episodes of about one hour each and they were all available on YouTube until the system realised that they say too much truth and removed them all at some point, quite a while ago.

The one available now is the first episode only, was posted two days ago and will stay there until… they find it and remove it again, of course.

So, anyone looking for the root cause of the immense suffering of and on our planet is kindly invited to watch this documentary as soon as possible.

The quicker we understand the fish rots from the head down the sooner we all get cured – planet, people, nature.

This primordial truth has always been said by the Bible too, but in the hurry of our rat race we only saw what we were told. Jeremiah 44:17-18 reads as follows:

“17 We will certainly do everything we said we would: we will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. 18 But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have had nothing and have been perishing by sword and famine.”

Now you judge for yourself.

Love, light and inspiration to all of you. Thank you for your time.

I am Cristina 🙂

Statue of Liberty

Back in early 2012 when I first came to the feeling that god must be actually a Goddess, for a couple of months I was utterly convinced that I must be the first and only one who has ever come to such crazy conclusion. So convinced that I even did not bother to give it a quick click on Google 🙂

I was in the middle of some very intense hardship, when I was wondering with every breath I took day in day out why is all that happening to me, and when this idea struck me was just like “Bingo!”… this must be the reason; someone, somehow had to figure out the truth about Divinity and all that hardship was just a way of making me start asking myself such questions… told myself.

The hardship has not been finished yet, just goes on in stages that alternate in intensity, but now I do not call it hardship any longer because I figured out that is just my personal spiritual journey, part of this transition we are being through.

However, back to the time when I first came across with the idea of the Goddess… it came naturally to me, I simply and instinctively felt that is the way things truly stand and I felt it like I have known it forever. Fine, but now what should I do with this idea?!… was the next question that did not give me a moment of peace.

I knew it was a too crazy idea to even talk with someone about and apparently next to impossible to make the whole humanity come to feel in unisonwith me. This tough aspects did not discouraged me though and I shortly I began to think where should I start from.

That was the moment when I started to look for proves because I knew that people nowadays need to understand things with their minds rather than feel them with their hearts. And found many proves, from many eras and all paths of life.

But in the end I just took those proves as confirmations that I am right and stubbornly wanted you to get acquainted with the Goddess through your heart not your mind, just the way happened to me, because this is the most important characteristic of this truth and all that comes from Her – IT IS PERCEIVED INSTINCTIVELY.

We were taught to associate inspiration with poets and artists in general but the dictionary definition of INSPIRATION is: “Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind” (

You do not believe things, but just feel them and nobody can make you believe anything unless YOU feel that is right. All these things about our Mother and how things should be on this planet were “written” deep inside our hearts when we were first sent on this planet and this process is not one of learning but remembering.

Our hearts are our compasses too and they are never wrong, we only need to know to read them correctly.

This blog was meant to water the seed of truth that is in everybody’s heart, that is why I haven’t yet given you any of those proves I found about the Goddess. But we are about one and a half years on by now and whoever has a genuine heart to feel, has felt it already or is nearly there. So, I consider it is the right time to give you some bits of facts about the Goddess.

Like I said in my previous post, The Goddess had many names throughout human history, depending on era, region and religion, and also – in order to get us confused and dissipate Her essence and importance – more goddesses were given ranks of “great goddesses” in various parts of the world but in fact there is ONE AND ONLY GREAT GODDESS and it is not the same as Gaia (Earth Goddess) as wrongly and intentionally has been assimilated with at times.

Probably the only good thing Romans did about Her was to call Her correctly – Magna Mater, the Great Mother because She is the primordial Mother.

The most renown name though is Cybele and because we talk about the Romans (the ancestors of nowadays Annunaki Reptilians)… after they consulted the Sibylline oracle concluded that adopting Her cult was the only thing that could help them at time of great need and so it was (for more details please see the Roman Cybele – Republican era section of the Wikipedia article about Cybele).

The most complex and complete material is a BBC documentary called  Divine Women – When God was a girl (three episodes of about one hour each). I have attached a ten minute faction of the first episode only, but they are all available on YouTube for anybody interested in.

Then there were poets – Robert Graves – and archaeologists – Marija Ghimbutas – who felt or discovered Her existence and talked about Her each in their way but the oldest mention I have found comes from Julian of Norwich, an English anchoress who lived around 1342 – 1416.

There is even a church – Maetreum of Cybele – that worship Her, which is a great thing because they keep “the flame burning” but the only thing is that they approach the relationship with Her as a religion and this is exactly what it is NOT.

It is not about replacing god with the Goddess or all the religions with the one dedicated to the Goddess and re-decorating churches with pictures of Her 🙂

The only church where we worship Her is a LIVING CHURCH that is placed INSIDE OUR HEARTS, that little sacred place at the bottom of our heart.

And the only proper way of worshipping Her is by LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE according to the few beautiful rules She wrote in our hearts when first sent us into this world… we know by heart what is good and what’s wrong, don’t we?!

And there is one more mistake the respectable ladies from Maetreum of Cybele do in my opinion: of course, is their choice as this planet is a free will zone and every one lives their life the way they please, but they are all nuns over there and one of the basic principles our Mother wants us to follow is looking for our twin soul and… become one J

This is the only way that helps us live our lives to the full here on Earth and that enables us fulfil our souls, making the most of our Divine potential and “closing the circle”, going from Alfa to Omega.

That is why the Chariot to Heaven has six wheels, two from each one that takes part in that process: two from Mother, two from woman and two from man.

The same thing is explained by the Merkabah, which is represented by a static (or better said constant) triangle – Mother – and two mobile triangles – woman and man (actually their feminine and masculine energies).

Two twin souls that meet and that have not lost their “saltiness” meantime, together with Mother activate the Merkabah or the Chariot to Heaven and become part of Divinity/Creator themselves.

As much as I know, none has made it since more than 2,000 years as the Reptilians has taken “great care” of this aspect and has done all in their power to keep us inside the box. And they have done this with great success… at least this is a point we all agree on ha ha ha

Then we have India, where despite their many aspects of their religion, they all respect the cow as a maternity symbol. I have attached a hymn to the Divine Mother I found on Internet some time ago.

Apart of these, some of our contemporaries are dedicated to Her and organise Goddess pilgrimages or did some brilliant research about Her or are simply fascinated and inspired by Her and Her power.

However, these all are words, many words and most times words create confusion rather than get things clear but if we just look around us at so many beautiful flowers and smell their very own delicate fragrance, at so many beautiful butterflies and their fragile wings and so many beautiful birds and listen to their own adorable trills – to enumerate only a few – we would all feel that must be a woman’s heart that was able to create them in such detail and grace.

It is not that men aren’t good at creating beautiful and delicate things but they are not as good with details and delicacy as we are. And the most delicate and fragile things of them all Her creations are OUR SOULS. Our beautiful and fragile souls that we ignore and step on most times… just because they are not “vocal” like our minds.

If you take a few instants to think about the fragile aspect of your spirit then please do take a few more and also think about the greatest beautiful spirit, the Goddess. There is a beautiful and fragile little child in Her too because otherwise we could not have been created in her image and likeness, and I do not know a single person who hasn’t got a little girl/boy in them (no matter how much they hide or ignore them or are not aware of).

And if our souls have been suffering so much that means She has suffered in the same measure because She is happy when knows us happy otherwise… why would have bothered to create such beautiful home for when we (as souls) are on Earth or given us all the powers we have (and now re-discover) if not for She wanted us to be HAPPY.

Of course, like any other truly beautiful mothers, She has a firm side too – that one she rarely uses but you know is there and makes you think twice when feel like pushing the limits – but I wanted to give you a glimpse of Her complexity because I feel its enough of how much fear we used to feel and look with towards Divinity.

We were taught to look with fear to Divinity and even not to dare to rise our eyes towards him, but stay bent and think straight and tell me… what does fear have to do with Divinity?! Exactly completely nothing.

It is all about MUTUAL love and respect otherwise the real Divinity would not have given us the LIBERTY to live in a free will zone – just like our beautiful Earth is – and the potential to create our own reality instead of praying for things we want…

Probably now you get to better understand why at a time when women did not even had the right to vote (was fully introduced by 1920 in US) the symbol of Liberty was a WOMAN. And not an ordinary woman, but one with a crown on her head, a leading torch in one hand and a code of laws in the other one.

We did not know it at that time but the Freemasons and Vatican (generically speaking Annunaki Reptilians) knew it very well, and if you like… this is just a proof that humanity was subject to involution from some point on and we had to discover the fire all over again, so to say.

So, if the Liberty comes from a woman with a Sun crown on her head that means she cannot be other than the Queen of Heaven, the one “our ancestors, our kings and our officials” knew, loved and respected:

17 ’We will certainly do everything we said we would: we will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. 18 But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have had nothing and have been perishing by sword and famine.” – Jeremiah 44:17-18

Phew!!! What a relief to see myself at the end of this message! Was probably the most difficult one so far, at least this is the way I feel it… and I think this is how it is as a read as well, unfortunately.

I hope you enjoy it in the end though! I thank you very much for your effort anyway and if you have a bit of free time left… 🙂

Love, and do what you like!




UPDATE: At the time of publishing this article on the blog what I knew about the ladies from Maetreum of Cybele that they are all nuns. Meantime I had a short correspondence with them and I understood they are not celibate. So, for good order’s sake  please find here-below this aspect explained in their own words:

“We call our home a convent but men are welcome, we are not celibate, our rituals are open to all and we teach that the Divine is within each of us and rather than give answers we teach how to find those answers within yourself. The Goddess is not on the third cloud over from Yahweh, She is the entire universe and all within it with all things and beings part of Her. I hope that answers some of the misconceptions.”

The Holy Spirit

It was supposed to carry on with the few bits and bobs I still have to put to their places, but thoughts about The Holy Spirit have been going round and round my mind all this week. So, let it be… 🙂

Although understood and depicted differently, The Holy Spirit is present in all the major religions – Christianity, Judaism, Islam and even Baha’i Faith; and although has been subject of long and intense debate throughout the time, the same Holy Spirit has still remained a mystery.

Well, I dare to say not a mystery any longer, at least not for me. You decide in the end if for you too 🙂

From the Christian perspective the Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity, father – son – The Holy Spirit, and is god himself. But as long as father and son are one (“I and Father are one” – John 10:30) it seems that we actually remain with Father-Son duo and The Holy Spirit.

My constant readers know already my conclusions on this duo, the father-son one: god the father is no other than the dark one – S A T A N – and because there is only one big dark one but a son was needed though, they made up this duo.

So, in the end we have a father and we have a son as well but the son is in the father and vice-versa… that we never knew who is who! But this is the whole point with the nowadays Bible, to get us in a maze with no exit.

So, what we have according to Christian canons is a father in heaven (in fact the duo) whose name we have been taught (for some 2,000 years) to pray in order to make it holy (“Hallowed be your name” – the second verse from “Lord’s Prayer”) and some One else whose name IS ALREADY holy – The Holy Spirit.

Who or what is the Holy Spirit according to the same Christian canons though?

Is not only part of the Holy Trinity / god but is the power of god and essence of god’s mind and love, The One all things were made through, starting with the light and Jesus’ conceiving:

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” – Genesis 1:1-3

“This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: his mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit.” – Matthew 1:18

… is someOne who stands by you when needed:

“Whenever you are arrested and brought to trial, do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit.” – Mark 13:11

… is also a gift, not any kind of gift but the great one promised by Jesus himself:

“If you love me, keep my commands. 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you for ever – 17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be[c] in you.” – John 14:15-17

“And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit.” – Ephesians 1:13

And as all these wouldn’t have been enough, The Holy Spirit is the most respected of the whole Trinity as well:

“Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.” – Matthew 12:32

“Truly I tell you, people can be forgiven all their sins and every slander they utter, 29 but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin.” – Mark 3:28-29

Fine, it is clear is an important One but still… who or what it is?! 🙂 And I am telling you this:



She has had many names throughout the human history, depending on era, region and religion (no point in enumerating any) but in fact She is Only One, our One and Only Mother – the Architect, Creator and Nurturer of this world.

She is love, light/truth, peace, fertility, prosperity and all that is good on this planet.

She is the One symbolised by the Water and Moon and the One that controls it – and through magnetic and gravitational influence of the Moon, (controls) the whole life on Earth – and is the One who spins the distaff of time too.

As we can only see the Moon by the “courtesy” of Sun light – the Moon being a dark but sunlit natural satellite – so we can only see Mother (who is spirit) through Her Son who took the condition of human for our sake (I talked about the Sun as the Son/Jesus back in February 2013).

That is why I stated in one of my previous posts that the real Holy Trinity is:

Mother (Moon) – Son (Sun) – Daughter (and wife of the Son, the Earth)

The love and union between Sun and Earth – masculine and feminine – is the only one mean that makes life possible on our planet, with the help of our Mother of course, who breaths spirit upon everyone and everything. The water/the deep and air are the two elements Mother gave us first at the Creation of Earth (see Genesis 1:1-3 here-above).

And that is why WE ARE ALL ONE here on Earth – human, animals, insects, plants – and we are all inter-connected… for Mother breaths the same and only spirit, Her spirit, upon us all and gives us life and we all breath the very same air, her breath.

Mother created NO royalty or aristocracy. We are all equal amongst us and in Her heart, yet each and every unique in their way. The royalty and aristocracy is not a creation, but an invention – one of the Reptilians inventions, just a way to enslave and control us.

By the way, talking about Reptilians… MA SON = Mother’ (mama / mater) son. I told you since my very first post that both Vatican and Freemasonry/Illuminati worship Mother… in the most concealed ways possible, of course.

However, back to Mother now… probably in order to compensate hiding Her true identity, Christianity (especially the Catholic Church, the Vatican for there is where the whole darkness comes from) has given Mother Mary responsibilities reserved to god the father and son only; making her the only one we supposedly have access to the Jesus through just like Jesus is the only one who can mediate/facilitate our access to the father.

Baha’i Faith is apparently the only one religion that has gone the closest to the truth by describing The Holy Spirit as “maid of heaven”. At the same time “rejects the idea that the Holy Spirit is a partner to God in the Godhead, but rather is the pure essence of God’s attributes”

I guess that now it is easier to have a proper understanding of “in the image and likeness” of god too:

WE DO NOT HAVE A SOUL (SPIRIT) BUT WE ARE A SOUL (SPIRIT), WE HAVE A BODY, the vehicle we use while on our visits on Earth. And this is because Mother is spirit and She made us in Her “image and likeness”:)

So, that is why we are souls (spirits) and that is why we have that divine sparkle (divine potential) in us.

Searching on Internet for those quotes from Bible while creating this so intricate message I actually found out that this very next Sunday is the Pentecost Sunday – the feast the commemorates the descending of The Holy Spirit upon the apostles and followers of Jesus; being also called “The birthday of the Church”.

Now I think I understand why the matter of The Holy Spirit has kept my mind so busy this week! 🙂

This message is nearly ready now, so I am sending the truth about The Holy Spirit/Mother out there, not only to you my dear reader but also  into the Universe and I hope that there is enough time until Sunday to come back upon us… so we can reap what we sowed – we sowed truth and we reap The Truth hopefully 🙂

Thank you so much for being part of this creation and meantime…

Love, and do what you like! 🙂


A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!

Bits and bobs

 I got ready all the materials I would like to write about tonight and I have just reaslised that actually have been exactly two months since my last post. Quite a lot of time but my spiritual journey gets highly intense sometimes and unfortunately I do not have much energy and peace of mind left for many other activities.

There is nothing new what I would like to tell you about tonight. They all are news that I am sure you learned of at the time they happened… but I have to tidy up my bits and bobs 🙂

They all are pieces of the big original puzzle and have to put them at their right place.

So, the “statement of facts” including a short recap is as follows:

* Friday, March 21st 2014  – I sent an email message to Pope Francis. The message was sent in copy to the US Embassy at Vatican and London based Freemason office but I did not published it on the blog at that time.

 * Thursday, March 27th 2014  – Learned in the news that Pope Francis received President Barack Obama and I published the letter here, on my blog. Following the news about their meeting I had to send them other message that I posted on the blog that very day.

* Tuesday, April 1st 2014  – The Holy Grail was one of the things I was talking about in that second message and four days later the system/cabal thought is the right time to let us know that after more than two thousand years the mystery of it is sorted out.

Two historians claim that what they found in a Spanish museum would be with “no doubt” the much quested Holy Grail. New story, new book, some “ancient scrolls” form Egypt… everything is needed to make something false plausible; details are all here, in the article originally published by International Business Times.

The only thing to be appreciated about that article is the sense of humor… was published on a day of the 1st of April 🙂

I don’t know who was fooling who. Probably the system is fooling itself assuming that we still use to take things at their face value.

Mother The Holy GrailHowever, personally I consider that the Holy Grail is a symbol but if it would have a material form then the real Holy Grail cannot be other than this:

Time will tell.

* Thursday, April 3rd 2014  – The Queen Elizabeth II is received by Pope Francis at the Vatican. The meeting was described as private, being her first foreign trip since 2011. The Queen previously visited the Vatican only three times during her whole reign, and this one was just ONE WEEK after President Obama’s visit at the so called Holy See.

Probably there is one more thing to be mentioned here, the Queen received from Pope Francis “a lapis lazuli orb for baby Prince George” and that “the orb is an emblem of royal power which the ancient Romans used to represent the universe”.

What shall I say?! The head Reptilians teaming up at crucial moments in a hope for survival.

By the way “emblem of royal power”… do you think that was Divinity who created royalty, aristocracy and the rest of us?!


This is people’s ordination invented and imposed by the Reptilians, the cold-blooded ones. But could not call themselves directly cold-blooded so took the “blue blooded” name instead (blue as a symbol of ice/cold). Was just other way to enslave us in order to control us better and easier.


I previously talked about this here, then here (in the beginning and not too late) and what I am going to tell you here-below is on the same subject as well.

 * Thursday, April 10th 2014  – Sky News tells us that “A faded papyrus fragment, known as the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” which the Vatican declares a fake, is most likely an ancient document and not a modern forgery, scientists say.”

 According to the news “the fragment has been analysed by experts at Columbia University, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology” and “they concluded after carbon testing that the papyrus and ink used dated from between the sixth and ninth centuries.”

Although the fragment “emerged in 2012” the information was to be found in mass media in March 2014, only at about three weeks after I was talking about Jesus’ twin soul in my second message to Pope and President Obama (dated March 27th , 2014).

In that little papyrus fragment there are statements like “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…” and “She will be able to be my disciple”. Of course his wife is able to be his disciple because she is his very own other half, the one that makes Jesus complete.

It is funny because it seems that life wanted me to get accommodated to this idea since very early ages – I grew up having in our bedroom a print of da Vinci’ “The Last Supper” (or of one of the two copies that survived, presumably assigned to his assistants) and curiously enough the person at Jesus’ right hand side looks like a beautiful delicate lady.

Photo0126I was wondering all my childhood why do they tell me Jesus’ disciples were all men?!

I have never asked anybody about this as a child… just figured it out by myself some forty years later 🙂

Once acknowledging that, John 21:20-22 made more sense to me:

20 Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following them. (This was the one who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper and had said, “Lord, who is going to betray you?”) 21 When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?” 22 Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.” 23 Because of this, the rumor spread among the believers that this disciple would not die. But Jesus did not say that he would not die; he only said, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you?”

Photo0129I do not know how such print went public because if you look at the photo included in the article about the Holy Grail (the one I mentioned here-above), the apostles are all men.

So, Leonardo da Vinci knew this, the truth about Jesus’ wife I mean. And I am sure he knew this and all the many more things he so elaborately detailed in his sketches and drawings (such as The Vitruvian Man) through his father, who being a wealthy legal notary at that time, is clear that was of Reptilian ancestors. This explains his mirror-image cursive hand writing and his presumed homosexuality, doesn’t it?!!

However, there are still one or two bits and bobs still scattered away but I am so tired that I think I would leave them for other time. I do not want to leave publishing this for other time though because I simply would like to share it with you once I eventually got to get all these words together and in this order. It has been long enough since I have not said anything and cannot wait 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed reading all these; things are very intricate but I tried my best to depict them here as clear and short as I could. The truth is crystal clear and simple and I cannot wait to see this transition finished and the truth known and accepted by everyone by heart, without so many explanations and proves!

Anyway, thank you so very much for your time and do not forget to…

Love, and do what you like! 🙂



PS        Let’s always remember to be positive in all we think, say and do, in other words in all we send to the Universe. They – the system / the cabal – cause so much suffering and make us be so vile and even cruel so many times not only because they need that negativity but also in order to destroy ourselves by sending negativity into the Universe because … “what we sow is what we reap”.

and a

A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!

Just one more “coincidence” – part II

I had to send a second email message to the Pope and President Barack Obama.

I would assume it does not need much introduction:


Dear Barack and Dear Jorge,

I learned in the news that you had a meeting today but was reported that: “The Vatican gave few specifics about the nature of the “cordial” one-hour audience.”

I am really not happy with that as it seems that you both and all behind you really do not understand how serious and imminent this matter is and you continue to show NO RESPECT to us all, the genuine inhabitants of Earth and Earth herself.

So, in completion to my last week’s message I would like to prove you even more that the truth it is not shared in the darkness any longer:

1/ There is a Trinity, but the real Trinity is:

Mother (Moon) – Son (Sun)  – Daughter (Earth)

Because when Mother incarnated Jesus Christ and gave him a soul, there was a twin soul too like all the souls that come into this world – they come as twin souls and split initially only to re-unite when the right time comes and divine together their way back home (the Alfa to Omega circle).

You may have intoxicated us with the individuality of souls and a Jesus Christ as an individual but the reality is exactly like I have described it here-above and you very well know this already.

I told you that the matter is serious and imminent and I did mean it because as soon as these two souls get re-united, together with Mother, they activate what you call Merkaba and Earth and all her genuine living liberate forever from your hands. And that is happening.


2/ Confucius said that “Signs and Symbols Rule the world, not rules and law” and he was so right!

The Holy Grail is the symbol of the feminine fertility, the vagina.

And because it is holy is a symbol of Mother’s vagina as the fertile place where all that has been created comes from.

The legend says that the Holy Grail is hid at Rosslyn Chapel and it is indeed or was until 2010 when was removed and sent for further research.

What it is? A symbol of course, a BEE HIVE.

Where was it hid? In the Rooftop pinnacle.

“The pinnacles on the rooftop have been subject to interest during renovation work in 2010. Nesting jackdaws had made the pinnacles unstable and as such had to be dismantled brick by brick revealing the existence of a chamber specifically made by the stonemasons to harbour bees. The hive, now abandoned, has been sent to local bee keepers to identify.”

What a bee hive could be other than a symbol of any type of organisation that has a Queen as its head or worships a feminine deity.

Now I reckon that everybody understood why one of the Freemasons symbols is the bee hive or why one of the papal hats looks like the opening of a vagina with a red Rubin in the middle as a representation of the clitoris, and why I said in my previous message that you both – the Vatican and the Freemasons/Illuminati – know the truth and keep it for the use of your dark organisations only.

You are free to do what you like but the REAL AND MASSIVE LOVE AND TRUTH that is being poured upon you and the whole world in the NOW is working on us all, according to the way each and every of us is – the good gets healed and stronger and the rest gets weaker and weaker until the point where perishes without a trace.

Thank you for reading my message.

I am,




The “technical” details:

From: my email address
To: “” <>
Sent: Thursday, 27 March 2014, 20:03
Subject: Re: Message to Mr. President Barack Obama and Pope Francis

From: my email address
To: “” <>
Sent: Thursday, 27 March 2014, 20:01
Subject: Re: A second message to Pope Francis

…and a big thank you for your time.

Love, and do what you like everyone! 🙂



PS(April 2nd 2014)          I forgot to mention this when published this post last week… some artists, especially those of 19th century had associated the Holy Grail with the feminine; even Richard Wagner himself was the first one to link it “directly with female fertility”. For more details please see the Modern Interpretations section of the Wikipedia article on the Holy Grail.



A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!

Just one more “coincidence” – part I

I sent an email message to Pope Francis last Friday, on March 21st, 2014 in copy to the US Embassy at Vatican and London based Freemason office, only to hear in the news that Pope Francis received President Barack Obama today:

 So, thought it is the right time to share the content of that message with you, my dear readers:


 Dear Jorge,

To start with, please do pardon me for not calling you the proper way – “Holy Father”.  It is not that I do not respect people and their merits but I simply do not resonate and agree with the current ordinations of things here on Earth any longer.

But whatever the ordination of things would be at some point in human history, in front of Divinity we are all equal and equally loved and cared for so I just scrap off all the other layers and address to you in the way the Divinity looks at us, and I do it in front of Divinity and our Lord.

And at the end of the day, Matthew 23:9 clearly states: “9 And do not call anyone on earth “father”, for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.” So, I do not understand why the church and people in general has/have never found the way to conform to that in these more than 2,000 years.

Never mind as this is not the reason I am writing to you today anyway!

The reason that made me take these words and put them together for you now is THE PRIMORDIAL TRUTH.

There were thousand and thousand of generations that13 All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance…”Hebrew 11:13and there are these several generations that are living at the moment, most of them striving to be good followers of the Catholic Church but NONE of the 265 predecessors of yours did not have the strength of character to tell them the PRIMORDIAL TRUTH.

There was only Pope Benedict XVI who stepped down last year due to the pressure the hiding of truth put on him over the several years of papacy.

Earth is a free will zone – this has been other fact that was kept away from us until recent years – so, all your predecessors were free to act according to their will  and so you are but I would like to kindly ask you to throughly and thoughtfully contemplate this problem and try to come to the right decision in the end. If you can.

I do not know if you feel it but these are times when the truth cannot stay hidden away for much longer and sooner or later this year all the people of this planet will found out the truth about the REAL Divinity – our Mother, the one and only Goddess – the REAL Jesus Christ and their REAL stories about their Dacian origin (the modern days Romania) and their REAL a few simple laws for a beautiful life.

And when I say REAL Jesus Christ I do not mean that SANANDA your Reptilian fellows try to intoxicate and mislead people with, but the truly REAL one only the little children and those pure at hearts will be able to recognize.

Our human ancestors knew the truth and ought to stick with it:

17 ’We will certainly do everything we said we would: we will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. 18 But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have had nothing and have been perishing by sword and famine.’ – Jeremiah 44:17-18

 …but there were your Reptilian ancestors who did whatever they possibly could to make this truth vanished from the public eye and knowledge, keeping it only for small circles at Vatican and of Freemasonry as well. Because although apparently in such contradictions, both these organizations worship one and the same Deity – our beautiful Mother.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

Loads and loads of REAL LIGHT and LOVE is being poured upon you and all at Vatican and you will feel the effect very soon because it is happening in the NOW.



PS        Anybody interested in this and all the truth about us and our beautiful Earth is wholeheartedly welcome to visit my blog:



If you have a bit more time and are interested, please find here-below some “technical” details as I could not send the message directly to the Pope – there is no email address an ordinary person could use for sending an email message to the Pope. So, had to send it to the Papal Basilica:


From: my email address
To: “” <>
Sent: Friday, 21 March 2014, 22:50
Subject: A message to Pope Francis

To: The Papal Basilica – St. Paul outside-the-walls

Although you partly live on public money and should be a church of people and for people, the Holy See cannot be directly contacted by an ordinary person via email, so please do assist me with forwarding my message to Pope Francis.

Thank you very much indeed,




Then I sent it to the US Embassy at Vatican too because I wanted the Pope to receive it form two parties and also because was of interest to the White House and those behind it as well:


From: my email address
To: “” <>
Sent: Friday, 21 March 2014, 23:07
Subject: Message to Pope Francis

To: The US Embassy at The Holy See

Dear All,

Although The Holy See partly lives on public money and should be a church of people and for people, they cannot be directly contacted by an ordinary person via email, so I would like to kindly ask you to assist me with forwarding my message to Pope Francis.

I reckon it is a matter of a great deal of interest to President Barack Obama and all at and behind the White House Administration too, so please do let them have this message as well.

Thank you very much indeed.

LOVE and LIGHT to you at the Vatican and all in US. 

I am,



 And then finally sent it to the United Grand Lodge of England (the Freemason London based office) for a reason I stated it in the introductory message to them:


Dear All of United Grand Lodge of England,

I sent a message to the Holy See tonight and the Freemasonry is mentioned in that message too so thought would be fair on you to let you know about it myself 🙂

Loads and loads of REAL LOVE and LIGHT as you have never received before!




The message to the United Grand Lodge of England was sent from their website – – and I do not have details about date/time as they do not provide a copy of the messages I am afraid.

The conclusions? I don’t know, you draw them for yourself please 🙂

I only can thank you so very much for sharing your time with me and remind you to…

Love, and do what you like everyone! 🙂



A LITTLE NOTE: For a better understanding of what this blog talks about I would like to tell you my dear reader that my blog – thank you very much indeed for having a look around – gravitates exclusively around a fundamental truth and the matters related to it. This current message and none of the recent ones would make complete sense unless you read at least my first post “…where life is fair and beautiful”. Thank you!