The fish rots from the head down

I am getting through some quite difficult times – sometimes they succeed in keeping me busy with some other things – but I had the very nice surprise to find a BBC documentary available again on YouTube and just wanted to share it with those of you new around here.

It is the absolutely brilliant Divine women – when god was a girl…

Originally the documentary has three episodes of about one hour each and they were all available on YouTube until the system realised that they say too much truth and removed them all at some point, quite a while ago.

The one available now is the first episode only, was posted two days ago and will stay there until… they find it and remove it again, of course.

So, anyone looking for the root cause of the immense suffering of and on our planet is kindly invited to watch this documentary as soon as possible.

The quicker we understand the fish rots from the head down the sooner we all get cured – planet, people, nature.

This primordial truth has always been said by the Bible too, but in the hurry of our rat race we only saw what we were told. Jeremiah 44:17-18 reads as follows:

“17 We will certainly do everything we said we would: we will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. 18 But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have had nothing and have been perishing by sword and famine.”

Now you judge for yourself.

Love, light and inspiration to all of you. Thank you for your time.

I am Cristina 🙂

The Three Graces?

An YouTube clip watched last night and today’s correspondence with Philip Shepherd – the interviewed person – is what made me get my thoughts together on a topic that really had to have a place on my blog some day, and that day seems to be today.

This is Philip’s interview:

and this is my email message to him:


Hello Philip,

I watched your interview by Lilou Mace the other day and loved it.

You are so close to the core of truth and probably what I loved the most was your understanding about The Goddess, the balance between the feminine and masculine and the way things on our dearest Earth used to work before we were forced into left-braining, were “maled” or however you like to call it… for I am sure you know what I mean.

It is so great that the time to rediscover our gut brain/intelligence has come again and is great to see how beautifully you explain it all but I am a little confused about how you see the role of the heart in our lives, and I was wondering if you have not discovered/understood yet or you like to presented it all gradually to the public.

Our planet stands under the symbol of trinity – life on our planet is possible due to the passionate love between Earth (feminine) and Sun (masculine) with the consent and nourishment of The Goddess, our Mother as the architect, creator and nurturer of our planet and all life on her.

Each of the three has their own intelligence that work perfectly together in order to obtain the perfection of life on Earth (as it was originally and will be restored before too long).

And so do we as individuals – we have the masculine intelligence (in the head), the feminine intelligence (in the gut) and the supreme or divine intelligence, the one of our heart for in the heart resides the sparkle of divine in every person that genuinely belongs to Earth.

So, in my opinion it is crucial to get re-balanced the roles of the gut and head intelligences, but at the same time or as the next step to get them in harmony with heart’s intelligence for that is the right alignment necessary to restore the happy life on our dearest planet.

The real Divinity – The Goddess, our Mother – sends her inspiration, love and light to the heart (for that’s why the heart is the first organ that takes form in an embryo) but feels like the gut intelligence is the most important one because she is the one meant and able to decode what heart’s intelligence receives from Mother – it is a feminine to feminine communication, we can better understand each other.

To summarise what I have just said… the first one in importance would be the heart’s intelligence because is the divine intelligence (the primordial one), then the gut intelligence for it is a whole, is whole feminine and for this reason is more steady and powerful then the brain intelligence, which goes on the third place and is dual, feminine and masculine at the same time.

The intelligence of the brain has a feminine part in order to be able to communicate with the other two intelligences, which are both feminine, and has a masculine side in order to keep things in balance, just in everything that involves life – the most things are done by the feminine but we need the masculine to keep the balance and things going 🙂

Other reason the gut intelligence is meant to be the most important one between the two (gut and brain) is because in the belly resides the creative energy – everything genuine on our planet comes from that area of our body… from a baby to a great idea.

Your interview was of great joy for me and I thank you so much for coming my path and prompting me to write this message to you for with this occasion I got to remember and put together my views on this topic.

I will look at them once again and then I think I will share them on my blog too for I have not reached this subject over there yet.

If you feel the drive, I would like to kindly invite you to have a look at my blog. For example, you could start with this…

and then carry on (if feels like) with this one…

I do not know how all the things I have talked about in this message will be received by you, but I hope I send them to a fertile soil and I would be very glad to get until over here your resonance with them, if any of course.

Many thanks for your time, Philip.

With inspiration, love and light,

Cristina. I am Cristina 🙂


And for a better understanding of this so important fact/subject, this is Philip’s answer:


Dear Christina

Thanks for your beautiful note, and the links you shared.  If there had been more time in the interview, my views on this matter might have been clearer – but let me try here.  Our culture is so head-centric that to speak of the heart directly is to risk the misunderstanding that our task is to move from the head to the heart.  Lots of people are trying to do just that, and in my experience, this is unsustainable.  On the other hand, if head and belly come into relationship (a relationship in which the belly is understood to be ‘home’) then their energies will naturally conjoin and, together, open to the divine energies of the heart.

I hope this helps.  I wish I could offer a more leisurely response, but I’m heading overseas today to give some workshops in Ireland, and have lots to do to prepare.

Again, my thanks for writing, and my best wishes,

Philip Shepherd
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In mythology The Three Graces are goddesses of beauty, charm and creativity, but as Confucius concluded long ago… “Signs and symbols rule this world, not rule and law”… it won’t be much of a surprise to me if one day we will have the confirmation that in fact The Three Graces are the three types of intelligence we posses: the gut intelligence, the head intelligence and the intelligence of the heart.

Now that we understand their powers, we can see why the Greeks and Romans might have called them goddesses, don’t we?!

Well, just my view. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to get to know it 🙂

Love, light and inspiration be with you… and meanwhile…

Love, and do what you like.

I am Cristina

How I love it

How I love it when at first all comes as a crazy intuition you do not really know what to do with or where about to start from and ends up as a profound insight!!!

This is how this blog started and this is how the salvation of our planet and ourselves started too.

As you might have already noticed I am not that much into dialog and socialising and sorry for not even thank you personally for likes and follows.

Sometimes the turmoil around an idea or around circumstances in my life is so intense that I hardly have enough energy to catch up with them, but apart from this aspect, this blog has never been meant to explain and debate things but just to sow seeds of truth and love… and let them fulfil their own chosen destiny.

…and you know how it is with seeds… they can fall on fertile soil or on a rock or on a rock covered by artificial grass or in between two stones and need a gust of wind to take them further to the proper soil or you know, wherever they agreed to fall when decided to be seeds.

Well, that was the case until very recently… when I felt that I kind of need to take more action and get in touch / connected with people who might share my believes, and all at a sudden Tina Turner’s name turn-ed up on my mind.

I did not really know how I could get in touch with her, thought I might have to try to contact her manager… but not that much information about his contact details were available either… when at some point I found this :)…

She is already involved in a beautiful musical project called Love Within and according to their web site – – “This music is a praise to all divine Mothers, goddesses and saints, to the female power within all of us. Unconditional love is powerfully shown in the symbols of the Divine Mother of all faiths and cultures, religious and non religious.”

My interpretation of their expression “to the female power within all of us”… for this may sounds a little confusing at first… our Divine Mother as the Architect, Creator and Nurturer of us and our world has made us in Her “image and likeness”.

So, She put a sparkle of Her Divinity – the energy of love – in all of us, that’s why we are all Divine beings – beings of love and light – and have Her female power within all of us.

Of course, us, the genuine people of Earth, not all our current co-inhabitants of Earth… no matter they look just like us… for they weren’t that stupid to make them look like ETs… ha ha

I connected with Beyond Foundation – Love Within on Facebook and sent them a message last night.

At this point looks like job done to me, the job about connecting with Tina I mean.

What is going to follow after this? I have no idea. I only did what was “asked” of me in this respect, made that connection and I suppose that from now on things will unfold naturally according to their Divine plan, at their own pace.

I will keep you duly posted anyway… this in case you won’t get to hear about the further developments rights from your own heart.

This is the message I sent to them on Facebook last night and although most of subjects have separate post dedicated to them on this blog, I wanted to share it with you as well for there are aspects I have not got to talk about yet… a bit of recapitulation all wrapped up and ready for delivery 🙂


Hello Divine Women within each of you,

… for a couple of days by now I have had a thought going round and round on my mind… that I have to get in touch with Tina somehow in order to present her my insights into the Divine Mother believes… I felt that she has to know about it because she will understand what I talk about.

To my surprise… she is already involved in this beautiful project of yours… isn’t this so beautiful?!:)

Tina, I hope you get to read this message of mine too for I would like to kindly ask you to share it with all your other fellow artists (singers, song writers and lyric-writers) in order to let their hearts search/scrutinize what I say over here and if they conclude the same to sing their joy out … our joy to be heard within us and beyond the Universe at the same time 🙂

For people of some other faiths, like Hindu people for example, Divine Mother was kind of common concept but for me, an Orthodox Christian (now a former one) this idea of our Goddess came all at a sudden sometime back in 2012 after more than two years of highly and , hugely intense spiritual journey, confusion and burning questions.

Eventually, after very much consideration and scrutinizing of my “weird” thoughts I had the gut to talk about it on a blog I especially created for this very purpose in February 2013.

For a very long while, I mean probably one year, I even thought that I might be the only crazy one capable of thinking that god could actually be a Goddess… silly me.

But then I discovered that for example, BBC paid a lot of attention to this subject and in the making of an extremely well done and complete documentary… Divine Women – when god was a girl. There was where I got to learn about how vast is the concept of the Goddess in other religions and how it was actually the fundament of them all, all religions I mean.

However, the reason I am writing all these to you today is because I feel like sharing with more like-minded and like-hearted women the conclusions I come to in respect of salvation of our dearest planet and her genuine people.

Since 2013 I have kept sharing these conclusions of mine on that blog for anyone naturally interested in and attracted to the subject, but now I feel like going to that particular niche of people like me because according to what I feel we are very near to The Call and we have to get ready for it.

A few days ago I found the “I am” web site of Tom Shadyac, read about the movie and loved all that.

The next day wanted to find out more about Tom’s action in this respect.

Found Tom’s interview with Rabbi Irwin Kula on “Time for a new god” movie… and I was totally disappointed.

I do not know what Tom’s views and believes are at the moment, because that was back in 2012 somewhere and we evolve at such rapid pace in this period, but to me… getting through all his suffering, getting to do the “I am” movie and then get so excited by guys and ideas like Irwin Kula’s… it is a bit of a non-sense and started to wonder if Tom was genuine when he took the trouble to make that movies and pose questions like those to various people/thinkers in a genuine hope of finding the truth.

But that might be just a objective view/worry of mine, anyway.

Time for a new god… how come?!

Can we talk about a new love concept? Or a new light concept? Or a new truth?

Of course not. Love, light and respectively truth are only one, and so is Divinity.

We cannot reinvent love. We cannot reinvent light. We cannot reinvent truth. And of course we cannot reinvent Divinity… or god as most use to call it currently.

But they want to reinvent god, they think is time for a new one ha ha

And of course, they want that because they invented this current god – god the father I mean – some 2,000 years ago, like any other lie could not stand endlessly and now, when is all falling apart THEY WANT TO REINVENT A NEW GOD CONCEPT… JUST TO KEEP US UNDER THIER CONTROL FOR SOME   O T H E R   PERIOD OF TIME.

But did Tom before getting so excited about Kula’s idea asked himself why do we have to reinvent something when in fact we had something that worked so beautifully in the past?

Why do we have to invent new way of living life on Earth when Earth was the Garden of Eden at the beginning and life was just exactly as it was created, beautifully perfect?

The way things have been initially created in is the only way things work on this planet.

The original way is the only way that works properly on this planet and whatever we may like to try, ends up in failure and immense suffering all the way through.

Our beautiful planet is under the symbol of feminine, she – Earth – is a beautiful feminine entity herself.

Women are the symbol and the source of life on our planet, and this is the main thing we have to remember in order to start the real recovery and to get all restored.

And this is what likes of Irwin Kula constantly and systematically throughout so many centuries did – they did whatever they could to make us, women, forget who we really are and what we really represent on this planet.

Irwin Kula himself said it, because in a pile of lies you need to add bits on truth if you want people to believe in what you say – this a very clever rule all the false ones use when they want misinformation to be believed by masses.

He said something like… “god is everything, in drag”. He did not say in disguise, but gave a sexual connotation to his statement for they very well know we have a Goddess NOT a god (who doesn’t work any longer and needs adjustments ha ha).

It is not for nothing one of the “secret” symbols of the freemasons is the bee hive, an “organisation” that has a Queen as its head.

The Dalai Lama himself said that “Western women will save the world”.

And the Bible says it too:

17 ’We will certainly do everything we said we would: we will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. 18 But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have had nothing and have been perishing by sword and famine.’ – Jeremiah 44:17-18

The truth is everywhere, but not for anyone to be understood.

The truth is only one and whatever way we set off to it we all get in the same point.

I talk about this truth and so many others that have come to my understanding – all perceived instinctively – on my blog.

Please do have a look at least to my first, my second and one of the last posts. You could find them here:

“The One who created us without our help will not save us without our consent. “ – because She created us free happy being in a free will zone and even Herself cannot intervene for our salvation unless we ask Her to.

The beautiful Goddess, planet Earth and the Sun have made all the preparation by sending immense and intense new energies and waves of light to us, now is time for us to get consciousness about our oneness and join them in this amazing process of bringing light an happiness back on Earth, this time forever.

There is a very specific place on our planet – and the dark ones very well know it for they conduct top secret missions in the area – where we would have to connect our higher selves to, but I have not talked about it yet… because the whole procedures is not completely clear to me so far.

All I feel for the moment is that we have to get ready, have to together in spirit and however else we can in order to get more and more confident in our believes so that the thoughts we send to the Universe would be clearer and a lot more powerful.

By the way, the Holy Spirit from the Christianity is in fact Mother Goddess.

That’s why…

“Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.” – Matthew 12:32

“Truly I tell you, people can be forgiven all their sins and every slander they utter, 29 but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin.” – Mark 3:28-29

As for Jesus – it is just a symbol for in reality it is a Divine Feminine and a Divine Masculine, they are two twin souls, a woman and a man – Jesus and Mary Magdalene as we, Christians know her.

When got to understand all these, I also got the answer to a question I have asked myself since my early childhood.

I grew up with a Christian icon on one of the walls of our bedroom – a print of da Vinci’s Last Supper and all the time I kept wondering why do they tell us Jesus had male disciples only when that icon clearly shows at least one women, the one next to him (for there are other two as well, his mother and the other Mary present at his crucifixion). Please have a look at that icon.

“Salvation results from the interaction of the human will and Divine grace” – in fact its all Divine will and Divine grace for we all, the GENUINE people of Earth are in Her image and likeness – are all Perfect Divine Spirits.

But do not try to bother too much those around you who do not share these truth we have encoded into our hearts – we are many, but will remain the right ones only.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read all this…

Love, and do what you like.

I am Cristina


I talk about an icon in the above listed message… it is the one I shared with you in Bits and bobs…

How I love it indeed…. but this message got so hugely long, and this is not how I would have loved it, but there is nothing I could do about it now I am afraid 🙂

Sorry if I have taken so much of your time but I hope you feel already the love within or at least a tiny sparkle of it.

Thank you so very much indeed for having the patience to come all the way to this final lines of my message…. Now just…

Love, and do what you like 🙂

I am Cristina


PS    You may wonder why Tina Turner? Because John Lennon was killed. Freddie Mercury was ridiculed by the dark ones and then we lost him. Michael Jackson was ridiculed by the dark ones and then we lost him too. Whitney Houston was ridiculed by the dark ones and then eventually we lost her as well. All the pure at heart, with great insight into life on Earth, strength to keep their faith and with some powerful influence on us – were eliminated one by one. Tina felt when it was the time to withdrawn from this dangerous “business”… or was made to (I do not know and does not matter at all now). I think this is why Tina.

The shortcut

I was watching the latest of Lilou Mace’s interviews tonight and that prompted me to talk (again) about something I hold very dear… RE-BALANCING THE DIVINE FEMININE and THE DIVINE MASCULINE, and do it at all the levels, including within each of us.

… I am saying nothing new, I think that even myself talked about this at one point … there is a man in every woman and a woman in every man. Even the Ying & Yang symbol shows it – each side has a dot in the colour of the other one.

In my view, we were created like this just in order to understand better each other as couples… the woman to have a better understanding on how and what the man feels like and vice-versa.

If you acknowledge, accept and make friends with the girl / boy inside you, then its impossible not to understand your other half very near to the fullest extent, if not even right to that point.

Anyway, getting back to the RE-BALANCING THE DIVINE FEMININE and THE DIVINE MASCULINE thing… in my opinion that is the essence and the key to what our Earth and us need… and are fast approaching, I dare to say.

This is the shortcut to where we want and need to get, and all the rest comes naturally as a consequence.

I was talking about this back in February 2013…

And to make it complete, my very first post would need to be read too…

By the way, most times I think I should add some photos to my articles, but I would like them to be authentic (mine, not any from Internet) and is hard to find every time something appropriate and on the other hand, I just focus on what I say and almost that’s it.

I do not want to debate something, do not want to convince anyone, do not want to post an image that would create a specific visualisation on your mind… for I would like everyone to create your own visualisation… if you feel like, of course.

But for tonight, there it is a little scribbling I did some time ago with the balance between feminine and masculine in my mind…

my dear vesica piscis

Thank you for the time you have spent on these lines and… Thank you Lilou… Thank you Jolene… for the inspiration you were to me tonight 🙂

I meant to talk about the Germanwings crush but for some reasons (not known to me yet) I keep postponing it. Probably because more than ever before we should focus on the positive rather then uncovering the negative at this current stage.

Love, and do what you like!

I am Cristina

Our dearest Earth

There is no need of any introduction my dear friends. I have just finished a message, sent it to all its addressees and… could not go to bed before sharing it with you 🙂


Constanta, the 23rd of March 2015



aka      Queen Elizabeth II

Buckingham Palace

London SW1A 1AA

United Kingdom

e-mail: c/o The Royal Household’s Web Team –



THE HOLY SEE – Pope Francis

c/o St. Paul Outside-the-Walls, Vatican –




                                                            House of Lords –

UNITED KINGDOM PRIME MINNISTER – Mr. David Cameron – c/o web site


Dear Elizabeth,

Re: our dearest planet EARTH

There were times, quite long ones, when I used to love all about monarchy, especially British monarchy.

There were times when I used to believe that if the politicians usually fail at this, the monarchy does care for and represents its people interest. These times were not even that long ago, please just browse a bit your correspondence archive and see my letter dated 23rd of May 2012 in which I brought to your attention some major issues British society has been facing.

All I could say now about those times is… silly me!!! 🙂

The extremely tough experiences I had been through in your country and the way my case and my attempts in solving it were handled at all levels made me think a little and some of the conclusions are as follows:

1/ SOCIAL CLASSES have NEVER been created on our planet, they had been INVENTED by some entities you and your family are part of in order to gain control over the masses.

Now it is more then obvious to me that the Prime Creator (our Mother or what we know as The Holy Spirit) could not had loved one a lot and made her/him a queen/king and another one less and made her/him an ordinary person – ALL THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET WERE EQUAL TO ONE ANOTHER AT THE TIME OF CREATION.

But there was a time when some entities, your ancestors, came on this planet, little by little took the control over it and started to enslave the genuine humans of this planet by mind control through religion, social classes, money etc.

This does not mean you or any of those entities descendents are our equal for under NO circumstances in this Universe a Light being – as authentic inhabitants of Earth are – could be the equal of a being that belongs to the Dark – for that is what you and yours are.

So, you are NOT our superior (because of the social classes artificially invented by your ancestors) but an INFEROR of some kind, whatever that kind is for… is of no importance at this point.

2/ There were three types of entities that did not belong to this planet but came here and took the control of it at some point and they are represented nowadays by:

a. the royal families (possibly part the old Hebrew) and known descendents of the old Hebrew (the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and all those that control the banking system on this planet).

b. Jews also part the old Hebrew but inferior in hierarchy in comparison with those I mentioned at pct a. – possibly settled at the beginning somewhere Ireland is currently, then spread in every key territories and eventually some gathered in the newly created state of Israel, which – along with its people – had artificially come into existence through Bible… and together with Bible arte going, by the way;

c. the Hindu, represented nowadays by Indian people and the gypsies, spreading all over the world and deceiving all they have touched or came into contact with.

3/ More recently, I mean the last 2,000 years or so, our planet has been ruled – from behind the stage – by the Romans / Vatican and then by the Vatican and Freemasons (the royal families being part of the latter), both of them, together as much as separately, using the same methods of mind control, mainly based on FEAR and put into practice through all sorts of ways such as sa**nic rituals (child abuse, cannibalistic rituals, black magic), war & bloodshed of all sorts as well as religion, chemicals in nearly everything from food and water to air (chemtrails), propaganda, stress and high standard technologies and science you remained to master after you brought us to the stage where… we had to discover the fire again.

This is about all I had to tell you, Elizabeth.

Now, I would like to tell… to “the many” a few things:

It is the very time for us to understand that what we use to call “state” is actually us, “the many”, the 99% of the population that forms a state, NOT the 1% that rules it (monarchy, government and parliament)… they are just our representatives and they were meant to represent our interests… but they have NEVER EVER done it for real.

They are IN POWER – because we gave them the power through vote or in case of the monarchy, they took it themselves and made the human history as suited them the best – but they are NOT THE POWER for THE POWER IS US, the many, the 99% and this is the very time to TAKE OUR POWER BACK.



Some might not believe me, but just try it out of curiosity – in the privacy of your room and comfort of your armchair – and we all will see the results before too long.

Happy Envisaging Every Authentic Human! I will see you in the New Wonderful Era that is awaiting us… and thank you for taking the time to read my letter!

I am Cristina


Thank you for your time. Love, and do what you like everyone… I mean enjoy the status of free will zone our planet has.

I am Cristina indeed 🙂


PS        By the way, who knows at the moment how many of these almost 800 babies and children were subjects of their sa**nic rituals (of inducing fear and its effects) before ending up in that septic tank?!…

Long time no talk

…but it does not mean that I have forsaken my believes and/or the “habit” of sharing them with you here, on the blog.

At the same time, it does not mean that if I have not posted any of my thoughts on the blog in such so long time, they remained locked up somewhere in my head. No, they are all available in the upper magnetic grid of the Earth, which we all the living are connected to – for that’s is why we are like one, all interconnected and depending on each other.

Once a thought is emitted by someone, it goes straight to that grid and anyone thirsty for that sort of information will pick it up from there, and is not about I do not know what complicated connections, such as a specific kind of meditation or something like that – to access that information, it is enough to strive to find out what you would like to know and the truth comes to you the same way inspiration comes to artists – at some point you just have/know that information and that’s it.

Anyway, the moment a thought reaches the grid starts influencing all of us and the more of us emit/send the same kind of thoughts the more powerful the effect of it will be on us all – that is why they, for example have spared no occasion throughout the history to imbibe us with all sort of beliefs and actions that cultivate fear so that we would emit/send that fear into the grid and receive the effects of it back on us.

When someone is afraid is looking downward, does not have the strength to look forward or around them, so that person is kind of blind with fear… And this is what we have been for thousand years.

But not this one is the reason I am here now, in front of you today. I am here just because I would like to wholeheartedly wish a


to all the genuine women of Gaia / Earth.

It has never been a better time for us, GENUINE women of Gaia to recall that here on our beautiful planet – a beautiful girl herself – THE FEMININE is the primordial source of life and to start to radiate our graceful power through/from our each and every pore!!!

As the darkness is just the lack of light, the too much of the masculine into our nowadays world is just the lack of the feminine (they reduced us to this condition through religion, politics etc).

But is the very time to leave all this behind WITH NO ANGER and to start VISUALISING that once so beautifully balanced Gaia, when women and men knew this by heart and never deviate from this unwritten rule in their relations:

“Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”… and equal, I would add.

Things are unfolding at an extremely rapid pace at these times and you may not really realise the very moment when your visualisation will come true… but you will enjoy all that comes after that wonderful moment 🙂

Love, and do what you like!